Teddy Roosevelt

Maverick Rogue! McCain will reform all the broken places in Washington — and usher in a new era for America! Democrats speak for him! Hear Hillary Clinton!

This is a terrific ad! My favorite thing is the HONESTY in the McCain camp. The ads have their finger on the America Mind in a post 9/11 era. A lot of voters are angry, because this election has so many issues attached to it to begin with. We need a SOLVER in the WHITE HOUSE right now. This isn’t about choosing a political party and assuming you have to be loyal to it. We need the right set of people working on things. There are so many things, there isn’t time to argue…

John McCain’s ad shows how Democrats feel about him. Did you know he almost ran as a Democrat once? He’s kind of an independent MAVERICK, that way. He would change his political party to get the work done, however he could. Just the other day, he wanted Washington to come back to work and solve this energy problem. Right now. Well? What makes me angry is that the Solana plant needs a vote (for a big solar powered plant) and everyone is on vacation! McCain just wants to take care of business in WASHINGTON.

That alone is refreshing after the last 8 years.

McCain isn’t afraid to listen to people from any political party. He values everyone! He wants to SOLVE all the mess we are in, and HE WILL! A lot of people have been praying for a guy like John McCain, over on the Democratic side. He and Hillary Clinton are so close on things it’s as if the Party could be united in the middle. For the VERY FIRST TIME!

I’ll tell you something, for the first time since 9/11 I don’t feel afraid. Not if John McCain will be taking over from President Bush. Like Hillary Clinton, John McCain knows everyone around Washington. He knows who is HONEST like Colin Powell, and Hillary, and Bill. He could put a mixed team together so fast everybody’s heads would spin! Whew. There is SO much WORK to be done, there isn’t TIME to argue!

It seems to me, it’s time to STOP the people in power from arguing, and pulling the wool over the American people’s eyes. There is a tremendous amount of CORRUPTION in WASHINGTON. THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED FIRST! It’s PRACTICAL! Watch his ad and then I’ll give you an example from the West Coast!

John McCain isn’t going to be unethical. He won’t. He has this huge moral code that he follows, and he is a true AMERICAN PATRIOT. When he says he’ll end the war, he means it. It’s not his war, but, being a military man is what we need right now in a leader. The men who began the war are about to exit. A LEADER like McCain is going to get us out, by putting the best crew together on that from all sides. He’s really a good guy, and a HERO! He cares about everybody in that war, and he sees what has gone wrong.

This is an example of some corruption right now, up in Seattle, over gambling casinos. Here you go, just click the headline and you’ll see…

Democrats defend tribal compact

This is the age of gambling! Just substitute one addiction for another…no?

But is it fair to not help?

“…Democrats in the state House and Senate joined forces Thursday to defend Gov. Chris Gregoire’s controversial decision to allow a big expansion of tribal gambling while abandoning a provision that would have provided hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue for the state.

Tribal gambling compacts have become a controversial topic in this year’s gubernatorial campaign, with questions about large tribal campaign contributions to aid Gregoire’s campaign and the negotiations that allowed tribal gambling expansion.

“This governor has done more than anyone else to expand gambling even further with no real benefit to the state,” Rep. Cary Condotta, R-East Wenatchee, said after a legislative hearing that was called to make a minor adjustment to the Spokane Tribe’s gambling compact…”

I’m glad the Indian peoples have found a source of revenue, but, I can’t afford to GAMBLE on the wrong DEMOCRAT for President right now. John McCain can see where things have gotten out of hand, or are unfair. He’s a straight talker! I bet he could solve things like this in one day! We have to “stand together” as Americans, because that is who we are! A house divided cannot stand, is a very old saying. And never more true than this moment in American History…

McCain likes Teddy Roosevelt! And Roosevelt wanted “A SQUARE DEAL FOR EVERYONE!”

I’ve been a Democrat all my life, but right now, I have to put “COUNTRY FIRST” and be a Republican. Because I believe in John McCain. He’s going to do right by AMERICA, and all of the American People! What he has to repair is all the broken stuff. He will…

Here is a video somebody made for him! He’s loved by a lot of Americans. He’s a HERO! A lot of people search for the American Flag and get my blog! This one time I was talking about Betsy Ross — but this video has the same picture I chose, too. It’s our country’s flag and the Statue of Liberty. It’s really beautiful to me, because I am an American.


It’s because of JOHN McCAIN!



(and Teddy Roosevelt was one of America’s Greatest Reformers — and totally fab Presidents!)