selfish American Democrats

Puma/good/samaritans versus little miss things o’ bling!

How to tell if you have always been a Democratic Puma!

You like to see the poor get a fair shake at the American Dream. And you are probably a good Samaritan too!

Funny thing is though, the Democratic Party no longer appears to have that value system at its heart. We first saw this when members of the Democratic Party, just decided on a leader! And the bitchiest, fattest, piggiest, greasiest, nastiest bad ass non-Good Samaritan spoke. Now she’s worried about pumapeople. She should be. Because we have her number. I’ve forgotten now where I saw the video of her. It may have been at RD’s place the Confluence, or No Quarter. But when I saw it? Revulsion. She said something like, “I don’t care, I’m rich!”

Well, that attitude seems to fit with a lot of the Bling Crowd, doesn’t it? It’s not a PUMAVALUE! Because we believed in a post Martin Luther King world that fair was fair. Now though, we are seeing the bitchy, entitled underbelly of the Democratic Party’s women. The Los Angeles Times has a great (finally) human interest story today as the lede. It’s about being a Good Samaritan. This has generally been the white attitude of piety, morality and charity towards those less fortunate.

It’s not the New Democratic Party’s attitude, though.

Yesterday, now that there are all sorts of articles hooked to my blog, there was one talking about strategy to win the PUMAvote, as if this person knew! What an idiot! He had no concept of how being a GOOD SAMARITAN fits in. My family taught me this value system as a child. Once my mother made me give my favorite doll to a little girl who had nothing. Believe me, I was mad, and sad, at having to do that. But, it did set me up to be a GOOD SAMARITAN in this lifetime. So, believe me, I know how to recognize a non-Samaritan when I see one.

Here is a kindly story, and a refreshing read! (before we get to the bad stuff!) Click that headline and go!

“San Diego Highwayman gets mileage out of his altruism”

See, this is the kind of story that PUMApeople everywhere love!

Because, it’s a good Samaritan story! Also, it’s a story about how most native Californians feel about things!

Now here is a story about a Despot. A Despot is exactly the opposite of a Good Samaritan. This one is off the Guardian out of England. It’s scary, because, this is the attitude of that blingbitch and what she had to say to PUMAS… Wait till you read about what this guy has done…! Funny but, this new guy? This anti-pumapeople dude? Maybe he is a lord o’bling, no? He sure wasn’t a good Samaritan in Chicago. In fact he seems a lot like the guy in this story to those with PUMAstreetsmarts! It’s cause of the way the women are! They, are for themselves only. We’ve seen that for months.

Given the really bad news about the American Economy, this next article is REALLY interesting. Actually, SCARY when you start thinking about all the little miss bling things and their non-good-samaritanism…take a look at what is happening for that couple in the story above…

Their world view is non-PUMA! And only pro-them! Sound familiar?

Look what that cool guy Marc Ambinder found out! (Oh BROTHER!) Look! Dems 0’Despotville…

An Ad In Oregon Is A Little Oily

See, McCain VOTED AGAINST IT! What do you know! This is another California good-guy named MYIQ2XU!

He’s probably a Good Samaritan too! And he has a VERY BIG IQ! Both he and I, PUMAS from California see right through all this BS coming from the blingmonsters…and we are both going McCAIN for those very reasons, this election. Now that we can’t have Hillary Clinton, unless the DNC changes its mind…

He has a great piece up called:

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Here are some excerpts!

“…For many years now I have faithfully cast my vote for whatever Democrat was on the ballot, often without making any inquiry other than party affiliation. But the reality is that for most of those years I simply gave my vote away, because I got nothing in return, for myself or for other coalition members. (The exception was the eight years of the Clinton administration.)

All those years I took pride in my party loyalty and now I realize I was just a fool, because I was telling the Democratic party and candidates they could take me for granted and ignore my wants and needs. The could pursue their own agendas without interference from me, because no matter what they did (or failed to do) they could count on my vote…

Never again should we profess loyalty to any political party or candidate. Our only loyalty should be to ourselves, to each other, and to our principles. But we should demand loyalty from politicians and parties, and we should expect them to prove it, over and over. We should not give politicians or parties the benefit of the doubt on the votes they make or the people they associate with and accept money and gifts from…

…Our country is currently in a situation that historians refer to in technical terms as “deep shit.” The economy, the environment, and the war in Iraq are each a major crisis, and yet they are only part of problem the next President will face. The solutions won’t be easy or quick…

But before we can deal with the problems facing this country we need to put our own house in order. That means we need to either clean-out the corruption in the Democratic party or we need to build a viable third party. Reforming the Democratic party would be easier and quicker, because rank-and-file Democrats are not corrupt, but in order to do that we must first discredit and disempower Obama and his supporters in the party leadership. Losing the election would be a repudiation of his campaign tactics as well as his supporters behavior, but would not harm the party nearly as much as a failed presidency would.

So let us put our votes up for sale. The minimum bid is a qualified nominee for President. Bidding will remain open until November 4, 2008…”

You know why PUMAS will go to McCain? He’s a Good Samartian!

You think we’ll support your “little miss thing blingfest” when our country is in so much trouble?

Don’t bet on it.

I want a President who is going to say “COUNTRY FIRST” right now. We have no plans to elect a Despot, and you can put your fat, bloated, non-Democratic greasy, non-good samaritan selves right out of Washington for the next four years as far as a lot of us are concerned. We are going to pull the MIGHTY POWERFUL LEVER the tail end Baby Boom HAS and tell you to f*ck off! For being NON-DEMOCRATS!

See who looks like a LEADER TO ME! He puts AMERICA FIRST! (Good thing!)