Balanced John McCain offers America solid ENERGY SOLUTIONS, and visionary “Green Ideas!” (See his Lexington Project!)…

John McCain has plans for Americans. He sees the crisis we are in regarding energy, and jobs. His plans are strong, concrete and visionary at the same time. He offers LEADERSHIP to an exhausted AMERICA. In fact, his ZEST is what AMERICA needs. One of the things I like the most about him is his STRONG, FIERCE SPIRIT. And his HEROIC NATURE. He is a lot like President Teddy Roosevelt, who was FEARLESS when he championed necessary reforms.

John McCain is interested in creating lots of industry in AMERICA. This is the best thing about him. He cares about US! And he wants to foster tremendous innovation here, in terms of how we produce ENERGY. He is aware that we need both short and long term plans for this, and so he offers actual SOLUTIONS for right now!

I feel that John McCain is thinking “America First” when I look at this ad. He is a maverick who won’t play along the pork barrel party line, like others have and are. We need a President we can TRUST. McCain’s stance is solid, balanced, and he brings fresh ideas in a time when American’s need a joyful burst of cultural Nationalism. This makes him a rogue, but also, VISIONARY!

One thing I loved in this ad above, was the honeycomb motif. I think all the time about the “colony collapse” disorder facing our bees, globally. To see this in the ad, shows me that the Republican Party is also aware of this. McCain has to manage the “old grid” while building “the new grid.” His nature is PROGRESSIVE, BALANCED, INTEGRATED and PLANNED.

Here is what he had to say over at the The Wall Street Journal right before the Fourth of July:

“…To get our economy back on track, we must enact a jobs-first economic plan that supports job creation, provide immediate tax relief for families, enact a plan to help those facing foreclosure, lower health care costs, invest in innovation, move toward strategic energy independence and open more foreign markets to our goods,” McCain said in a statement…”

When I read this next part of the article it was music to my ears, and I bet, music to a lot of Green Progressives’ ears as well! He believes in Green Ideas for the long run in our country. Since we have such VAST resources available in terms of solar (the sun in our deserts) wind, (our deserts, mountains and passes) and water (the sea, and our rivers) McCain will COMMAND all of these natural forces to produce the energy AMERICA needs.

“…He acknowledged the challenges facing the U.S. economy, and reiterated his plan to use energy alternatives to boost the economy. “I believe the green technologies in the United States of America will create millions of jobs, if not hundreds of thousands. I believe that green technologies — whether it be nuclear power or hybrid cars, or battery-driven cars, or wind and solar or tide – are directly the factor that will improve America’s economy and get us on our feet again,” McCain said…”

Using the power of the sea and tides is a very positive step to a green future. I was thinking of the time McCain was at sea in the Navy, from his book “Faith of my Fathers” and so I wondered about how the Navy under John McCain’s expert command, might take a look at this video, to see what is being done already to harness the immense power of the sea. This could be a part of McCain’s extraordinary LEXINGTON PROJECT in the future, perhaps… (we already have such an incredible Navy!)…

Another look at this from “GreenPeace”…. Progressives… and how it looks in action…

The place with Green Spirit, and renewables is here at “The National Renewable Energy Laboratory”

We already have the technologies available! McCain could harness all of this!

hat tip to: THE BLUE PLANET (Dynamics of the Oceans)

Things Bill Moyers had to say off “Grist” are here… it’s a good piece for Greens, and new Green Republicans…

Now Hear This

an excerpt:

“…Meanwhile, over a billion people have no safe drinking water. We’re dumping 500 million tons of hazardous waste into the Earth every year. In the last hundred years alone we’ve lost over 2 billion hectares of forest, our fisheries are collapsing, our coral reefs are dying because of human activity. These are facts. So what are the administration and Congress doing? They’re attacking the cornerstones of environmental law: the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, NEPA [the National Environmental Policy Act]. They are allowing l7,000 power plants to create more pollution. They are opening public lands to exploitation…”

My sense is that McCain is both practical and a PROGRESSIVE at heart. Hence THE LEXINGTON PROJECT!

Coming from the same time Moyers did, Progressive Republicans would want the same reforms as Greens I bet. It’s just that we all are aware of what faces our planet, right now. How to emerge from an “old grid” to a “new grid” is what McCain will be best at shepherding. It’s on his web page, for all of us to see…

I think a lot of us feel very scared about nuclear, because of the waste. Could that industry make the shift, using all its engineers to a different model? Here is more on the power of the Ocean from “The Ocean Energy Council.”

“…The waters off the Pacific Northwest are ideal for tapping into an ocean of power using newly developed undersea turbines. The tides along the Northwest coast fluctuate dramatically, as much as 12 feet a day. The coasts of Alaska, British Columbia and Washington, in particular, have exceptional energy-producing potential. On the Atlantic seaboard, Maine is also an excellent candidate. The undersea environment is hostile so the machinery will have to be robust.

Currently, although the technology required to harness tidal energy is well established, tidal power is expensive, and there is only one major tidal generating station in operation. This is a 240 megawatt (1 megawatt = 1 MW = 1 million watts) at the mouth of the La Rance river estuary on the northern coast of France (a large coal or nuclear power plant generates about 1,000 MW of electricity). The La Rance generating station has been in operation since 1966 and has been a very reliable source of electricity for France. La Rance was supposed to be one of many tidal power plants in France, until their nuclear program was greatly expanded in the late 1960’s. Elsewhere there is a 20 MW experimental facility at Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia, and a 0.4 MW tidal power plant near Murmansk in Russia. UK has several proposals underway…”

John McCain has already proven that he is concerned about conserving our natural resources, and he cares about the BEAUTY we in the WEST care so deeply about. Here is his take on that, from his own web page!

Stewards of Our Nation’s Rich Natural Heritage

“…John McCain has a proud record of common sense stewardship. Along with his commitment to clean air and water, and to conserving open space, he has been a leader on the issue of global warming with the courage to call the nation to action on an issue we can no longer afford to ignore.

America has been blessed with a rich and diverse natural heritage. In the tradition of his hero, Theodore Roosevelt, John McCain believes that we are vested with a sacred duty to be proper stewards of the resources upon which the quality of American life depends. Ensuring clean air, safe and healthy water, sustainable land use, ample greenspace – and the faithful care and management of our natural treasures, including our proud National Park System – is a patriotic responsibility. One that must be met not only for the benefit of our generation, but for our children and those to whom we will pass the American legacy…”

Click on that link above and you can watch him speak in a video, right on the page!

They don’t call John McCain “The Straight Talk Express” for nothing. This is why people LOVE him, especially reporters. He isn’t going to doublespeak. He isn’t going to waffle around, hoodwink, baffle or bamboozle AMERICA.

He’s a WESTERNER. HE HAS ETHICS! He has CHARACTER! He is going to be honest with Americans, and straight with his plans. Don’t miss his video! And read about how he feels about the earth!


That’s why I place my trust in John McCain, why I have left the Democratic Party, and have decided to devote my energy and ideas to the GREEN REPUBLICANS from now on! I have seen the absolute corruption within the Democratic Party and its Dirty Politics. I don’t want any part of that, EVER AGAIN.

As far as I am concerned Hillary and Bill Clinton were the last decent Democrats. And the Democratic Party tried to ruin Hillary, before my very eyes in 2008.

I’m picking a PRESIDENT who understands just what we need in America. John McCain!

This is a platform I can believe in!