Jerry Brown, and California Democrats better read this one, pronto!

I mean, after yesterday, and the Feinstein scandal?

Apparently “they” have somebody in mind for President according to Time Magazine!

• “Right now, most people outside of San Francisco only know two things about Gavin Newson: he supports same-sex marriage and he cheated [with] his best friend’s wife. He can fix that, but if he doesn’t do it quick, he’s going to become a punch line.”
— Dan Schnur,a Republican consultant, on whether Newsom has a shot at higher office,, Feb. 2, 2007

• “He’s a 36-year-old golden boy with Getty money. There are large ambitions here — the Gettys, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein: they’re thinking, President Newsom.”
— Tom Ammiano, a San Francisco supervisor, on Newsom’s future, The New Yorker, Oct. 4, 2004

My, my…

Just scroll through that one…apparently they like grooming airplane boys! This does seem to be the era of politicians who like to jet around while ignoring their real jobs, but?

Off SFGate:

Note to Bill O’Reilly:

Iowa is the new San Francisco.

I can barely write that sentence without my hands shaking at the thought of the city I grew up in losing its punch line status on right-leaning talk shows and slightly more sympathetic late night comedy hours.

But with an absentee mayor and a $438 million budget crisis threatening to turn us, according to the Christian Science Monitor, into stingy social conservatives, our paradigm-by-the-Bay of quaintly perspiring and proud progressivism is in imminent danger.

Take a look at the concerns San Francisco is having at the moment! Like, no mayor in the office? Didn’t we just see that in terms of no Senator in the office?


Well, aren’t we already seeing the consequences of their last little screw up? After 2008, I have NO PLANS to trust their savvy lil picks anymore. I mean?

Now we can really see what is going on with the Dems, who are running things in this country…

CalBuzz pretty well covers how SoCal feels…

Today’s Must Read: WashTimes Probes Feinstein, Blum

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Well, Jerry is our man. Because feminists?

Well Antonio and Gavin need to become seasoned, no?

They seem to have already had some affairs?

Like Spitzer and Edwards and ummm….

It’s been a stretch for us this year, already…………..WE WANTED HILLARY!



Loved by California Dems all over the State, already…

He is an anti-war Dem from way back, and he’s GREEN!

And, he started out helping Latinos who were migrant workers….didn’t he?

He did.


the plot just keeps getting thicker, every day…

here is a charming little flick — what would Chaplin do?