Rape, Incest and the Republican Party 2010

I wish John McCain had been more honest in 2008.  I have lost all my respect for him.  (Not his daughter Meghan though –she sounds like most Dem women I know in California.)  Like many Hillary Clinton supporters who were so let down by what the Democratic party did that year?  I made the mistake the mistake of trusting McCain.

I didn’t realize just what the Republican Party stood for?  Now that I know, I’m sorry I ever voted for him.  I’ll never make that mistake again.  One of the worst things I learned about during this last election was the suppression of voices of female bloggers who were for Hillary.  I met one of them in Riverdaughter.  Here was the day I had to break party lines.

It seemed honorable to vote that way, that day.

At that time the Confluence had many voices that were obvious Democrats.  You could tell because there were gay people there and women and men all talking in impassioned voices I felt I could recognize.  Reading them daily was a haven for a very disappointed Democrat.

I suppose greenish Democrats who are feminists from the Left Coast are a different species?

How could I have not investigated more into what John McCain had done?

What it was that he was standing for?

I just went with the groupthink, at the time and did what I thought was right.  Based on the censorship, the blogging voices, what had seemed like camaraderie.  Well, today is a parting of the ways in that sense.  Mostly because of new research and what these candidates in the Tea Party believe in.

The Women’s Media Center and Truthdig both have this up:

Funny thing how all these new candidates sound the same in what the Tea Party is about?  It’s sort of anti-what the initial Confluence was about?  That is how I see it, anyway.  Even doing the smallest amounts of research gets a goldmine of info.  Really.

Like this, that Salon ran back in 2008. I should have been following.

RD, I think you have a troll in an orange hat?  And since you are the one who told me what a troll was in the first place?  Well, just thought I’d let you know.  The atmosphere over there isn’t the same without you running things, or blogging daily?  Also, I am insulted at the Klown’s disrespect of me after two years.  No biggie.  I’ll still read you and Boston Boomer and Dakinikat, as ever.  But?  Given the circumstances on this rape and incest gig?  And given the fact that I can no longer determine what political ideology I’m looking at anymore?

This election is too important for me to hang with trolls in orange hats.  You guys are welcome anytime, and huge congrats to you RD on the millions.

It’s all about pussy politics, in the mo.

Here tis:

They are discussing how important Hillary Clinton was to them in a conservative community in the video above.  Her record.  Well, to the feminist Democrat it’s that record that counted?  Especially to Democratic Women who have voted Democratic feminist women into office for ages.  That is what we have done in California for years.

The conservative women seem to think that they can co-opt feminism from Hillary?

I don’t think so.  You see, Democratic Women can’t support your stance on Rape and Incest.  We never will.  And, John McCain, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Really ashamed.  It’s your daughter’s generation you should be thinking about, isn’t it.

How tawdry of you.

I’m ashamed of the day I cast my vote for you, Senator McCain.