Day: January 20, 2012

small bright things, found objects, spring, $30, irony

The irony of American life from my grandmother’s era to mine.  My grandmother shopped at the best stores, my mother had decorators.  I got these yesterday.  DIY is the name of my gen’s theme.  We went to college for advanced degrees and there is nothing for us in America.  We are reduced to scrounging for anything decent.  Why is that?

I can understand how most of America feels right now about things made overseas.  Thirty years ago everything was made here, like say towels and linens and kitchen things and tools — everything.  Now?  Nothing is.  Almost nothing.  It’s sad.  In the interest of being an American female I bought these things for $30 yesterday.  Here is a picture:

I want it to be brighter.  I really do.  These things weren’t made here except for the bottom cushion that I’m going to put on a circular rattan chair I have.

I liked the colors and the 60’s prints.

People live under the misconception that all is well.

But it’s not.

Because the consumer economy is supposed to drive this country, only?  The average American who is no longer working isn’t part of all that.


That is what is driving America in the moment.