Day: March 23, 2011

999, and then 1000…as of today

Well, this has been a strange week to say the least.  As for the 999, well that number turned up in two places for me.  Here at WordPress, because my last post was number 999, and in Scribd, where I had 999 reads.

One of my favorite actresses has passed.  She was of my mother’s generation and I already FB’d my fave movies, but here they are again.  Stellar, was she.  These aren’t ranked in order at all, merely my favorites of hers.

Yeah, I’m writing Heart of Clouds to be a movie.  I am.  999, a good number — crossing over to 1000 with this post.

There aren’t that many actresses that have what Elizabeth Taylor had.  Star quality.

I am now being followed by a film mag in Scribd.  That makes me feel so happy! xxoo!

Maybe, a corner will be turned…