Day: March 19, 2011

My book Heart of Clouds, themes in…

It’s a little like this picture?

I have loved Saint Francis since I was a very little girl.

I think Heart of Clouds has to do with that love.

My novel is going into Scribd, one chapter a day, while the world goes through yet another crisis.

I hope that reading the novel can take your mind off things that are too horrible to even think about.

Anyway, here is some spiritual stuff, because I feel really scared for the world.  I do.  In my whole lifetime I never felt that things were so awful until now.  No time has ever been like this, with the chance of the nuclear situation possibly causing an On the Beach scenario.  I don’t have any iodide pills.  If the world is going out, then, I wouldn’t want to live in the kind of world that was left.

My generation wanted PEACE, and we didn’t believe in nuclear power, because of the dangers of it.

I think I put my whole heart into the novel, I really do.  Here is the cover again:

I got that picture on a lucky day at the beach here.

As I was designing it, I saw three shapes in the cloud that I hadn’t seen when I made the photograph.  Two are hearts and one is Tut, the magic sea turtle you will be meeting if you follow the read in Scribd.

It’s the best thing I can do right now.  I’m so effing scared I can’t even see straight and it’s for the whole world, not just California.

Prayers are in order, to the angels and saints, I feel.

Only man creates things like war, or nuclear.

Angels and saints do not.

The world we live in is at an ebb of evil.

I hope that it can save itself, from itself.

In the meantime, some chants: