Day: November 15, 2009

Nanoday #15 exhaustion. “Heart of Clouds” is to page 120.

excerpt chapter — day 15 “seachange”


As Teenie Alexander made her way to the sea hut, she had no idea that she was part of something so much much larger.  How could she have known that eons ago an ancient turtle had foretold her birth.  That she would be the last girl on the planet who could speak the language of the heart.  The thing of it is, we just never know what we are going to grow up into, do we?
It can be anything and that is what Teenie’s father had given her.  Because he’d always spoken to her with his heart — his deepest heart.  And when people do that?  It’s a beautiful thing, actually.  What Teenie had learned from the trees was that, if she ever needed to feel strong she could just find a tree and sit under it, or press her own heart to its heart.  Then they could speak to each
other from their hearts, even for a second.
There had been a favorite oak tree in Teenie’s childhood and she had spent hours climbing it.  Sometimes she had propped herself into the crook of the branches and just dreamed until a poem made its way to the tip of her pen.
Most of her life she had been a dreamer.  Her father had told her that their family had come from a long line of dreamers and he said that the best thing in the world was to be a dreamer.
“Never lose your dreams, Teenie, ever.”
This is what he’d said after he’d lost his job and watched all his dreams of being a reporter collapse.  Teenie thought she’d seen him cry once, all alone.  She’d walked into her parent’s bedroom and he’d been sitting there at the edge of the bed with his head in his hands.  That was the day they knew they were going to have to sell their house.  Teenie hadn’t wanted to disturb her father as he sat there.  It seemed too private for her to walk in — not when he was like that.  But, the thing she had most wanted to do was to give him a hug.  And little did she know that a hug was the thing he wanted most in the world in that moment.”

I am writing a text via ecopsychology and my training as a Jungian at Pacifica.  that is what I’m going todo from now on.  I hope.

I cannot tell you what NaNoWriMo has helped me do.  I never thought I’d write 120 pages of a novel.  But this morning I’m there.  And there are others with me, and, damn.  CLUB NOVEL is a VERY SPECIAL THING.


back later…

we are having a coffee meet at 2:00 and I had about 3 hours of sleep yesterday.


I’m going to get a sticker, and that sticker is going to be priceless to me as a souvenir of this thing.

Reaching the halfway point?


Whew.nano_09_red_participant_120x240.pngMy novella being written for 2009!



I made another wordpicture from Wordle of this text — I love it!  See a picture here!