Day: November 12, 2009

Nanoday #11, exhausted but, happy as a writer. So happy!

She’d hidden it in the shell, too.   Just like before.  And she’d taken his note, too.  What he didn’t know though, was that Teenie had left a kiss on the paper of the note she left him.  It was invisible because her lip gloss had worn off — but it was there, anyway.  She’d kissed it right before she buried it in the sand.
If Devlin had known that?  Well, then he wouldn’t have had to have been so worried.  Would he?
Invisible kisses are quite magical that way.  What Teenie meant by leaving that like that was almost like how writers in the old days put sealing wax on the backs of their letters, and then stamped them with a mark.  That meant their letters were only meant for one person to read, and only one person to open,  I bet you didn’t know that’s where the expression “sealed with a kiss” comes from, did you?
That’s what she had done.  In a way, it was like a pact between Teenie and Devlin.
It must have been the magic in that invisible kiss that caused Devlin to do what he did next.  After he finished reading everything that she had written to him in that letter, he took off down the beach straight for home.  But not before he left one last note.  It said:

Love, Devlin

That’s the novel I’m writing in NANOWRIMO!

VB-Demoiselle,  author of “Heart of Clouds”

genre: literary fiction

romantic love story rated PG! but only if you are offended by the idea that a kiss might be a bad thing!


Oh I love this book I’m writing — I really do…………………