Day: November 7, 2009

Nanoday #7 — the YA teen romance gets going — belles lettres, style…

Had a good morning, but it took a while to get started.  Over at Uppity’s I watched a trailer for “V” — hmm…

It’s harder than I thought a bit going over 2,000 a day.  The secret is not to worry too much about editing the rough draft — I decided to do character driven and I think that is where I spend most of my styling anyway — so sometimes the characters cooperate and sometimes they don’t.

My own grandfather was very much with me this morning as I wrote Devlin’s grandfather and that was magical for me.  Just to use his dialogue in this.  He is going to take Dev up to the mountains but first they are having a pancake breakfast — one thing my grandfather always used to say is “isn’t that swell” — and so, Dev’s grandfather says that too — about his spatula as he flips the pancakes.  This is when Devlin first wakes up:

Devlin slept in for a long, long time.  It was the sound of a black crow’s harsh cawing that finally woke him up.  Devlin could see him out the window fairly screeching at something.
“Hello, crow,” he said.  “What are you up to?”
“Nothing,” the crow seemed to screech back.
“Nothing at all.”
But Devlin knew that was never really true for crows.  They almost always had something in mind.  Sometimes they traveled in fierce packs together — screaming warnings especially if there was a red tail in the neighborhood.  With a swift rustle the crow flew away, but not before cawing ten more times, just to let Devlin know he was king of the tree.  The whole world outside seemed to be shrouded in a mysterious mist.  He’d never really seen the fog before — not quite like this, when he’d lived in the city.  The beaches he’d been to with his mom and dad had always seemed sunny for some reason.
He thought about his mom’s face, and then he remembered where he had put the sad girl’s notes.  I better not leave these in my pillowcase, he thought.  My grandmother might find them.  Devlin had a special wooden box he liked to save things in.  It was his wizard’s box in a way, and he had little collections of things that he called talismans.

Anyway, we are approaching the “central” part now of the book and so I have time to really stretch out the characters and their experiences.  Devlin’s grandfather is taking him up to the mountains to have a talk because Dev lost his mom.  But, really Dev wanted to go back to the beach and see if she left him a note…(and she did!)


So far so good.  Today was 2190 w/c and the grand total is 14,503…

If you want to see inside NaNoWriMo click this link — it’s really something to see all the writers in there and what they are doing!

Mine is under VB-Demoiselle.  And, I have thought of something too.  I could grow these characters up?  I was telling my old best friend that the other night.  I could grow them up on the page into happier childhoods than the two of us had?  Now that would be magic.  Yes it would!  She is telling me what her kids did at that age, and then I can remember the two of us at that age, too… lucky for me she had a girl and a boy!

ps: it is so hard to look at the news right now, terrible… the world of the novel is a place to escape!

My novella being written for 2009!