Day: September 15, 2009

Films to contemplate…

I spent yesterday looking at a film that was pretty frightening called Endgame.  You can see it here, by clicking this link. I came across it by accident, because I saw a story on Charlie Sheen and something he was doing in regards to 9/11.

What was interesting about that film was looking at the wiki on them?  Here.

Then today I looked at this trailer:

And read the book review, over here…


But, what a subject considering the headlines of late.

“The Road” could not be more timely.

But then, this one is too?  “9” —

This was an interesting read off the WSJ on the children of 9/11 growing up – these kids are in college now?

Hope might be inserted by song lyrics and films by looking backwards to the things we grew up with in the 70’s.  The cultural surround was very positive and sent a message of love and charity out?

Do kids today have that?

I hope so.

It was a darkish day yesterday after researching some of the themes in that first film.  Very dark.  The wiki list?  Hmmmm…..