Day: August 23, 2009


I reread “The Powerbook” once more.  It’s a great book and it would make a fantastic film.   Behind the scenes here I can see people searching for me by my real name and the name of the Conference I go too.  Good.  I am that writer you know.

I read it so fast I escaped into its landscape like I used to do in childhood.


When I was at Pacifica Graduate Institute gettiing my Master’s Degree, I found a box full of my childhood.  I was in a private school and I was writing at age two and a half.  Words like “fat” “cat” “hat” and so forth.

I was signing my name as “Aderin.”

It is Adrienne, and you know me at the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference, yes you do.

I worked with Marcia who runs it for some time.  We both worked for a paper.  Last time I saw her at the Fess we were talking about that.  I have tales to write.  Do I ever.

Do I ever.


This is unquestionably the most scattered state I have ever been in yet.

But it will get better once I get an advance on my book and the lawyer takes over everything.

That is all I have to say.

I’m finished with my old life.


My new life is going to be very, very different.

For one thing?

I’m going to be in love.

I haven’t been in years.