Day: August 14, 2009

In which we art direct “The Velvet Babe” for my agent Ken and the screenwriter Rodger Jacobs…

This is just one of her moods. The artist Vargas is the one who captured her — but there are other artists as well…

The Velvet Babe is the glamour of sexuality. The femme fatale of it all, in a way.

Here is a whole website about Vargas et al!

Why I know about these is because when I was little my best friend had a rogue-ish father who had certain mags on his burlwood coffee table and a gigantic painting of one of those satin draped nudes one used to see over the bar in certain places. He also collected Remington statues and turquoise jewelry and he was a complete flirt…

With me of all people, but, nothing bad ever happened!

We snuck peaks into those mags as teens. One of our friends went on to pose for that mag in the 70’s in return for a white Volkswagon Bug that was a convertible and 5,000 dollars.


I could write a short story about that time for my memoir. Today.

At that time my mother had left my father and guess what industry he was in?  The same as Heffy-poo.


So, my brother and I never saw him again. My mother left him.

Actually my brother did see him up in San Francisco in the 80’s — he was in a punk band — and they were on tour and he remet him in San Fran. Whatever he saw up there disgusted him so much he never spoke to his father again until the last days of his life.

My mother shielded us?


I really knew nothing of him until Rodger Jacobs told me about that film he made.

I love Rodg’s writing. Once I read that Dead Drunk Dublin stuff and also his Hollywood Noir…you can find it here now — in his blog CARNYTOWN.

See, when I was growing up things were more innocent?

And, now as a grown up myself, I feel that the industry might need a breath of fresh air.

I’m working on a memoir, but crafting tales for all those Vargas images is no problem for me. It would be a really fun project and my agent Ken Sherman could maybe get the rights to the images — I will write swanky little tales and Rodg can do the screenplays?

I always imagined Rodg living in Los Feliz, myself. In a really fab house.

Also, you know how I feel about that fab hotel I want Marcia to get for the Writer’s Conference?

And, that industry makes a ton of money and so we could buy it for her…

My agent knows all about things like licensing rights and so forth. He is the best literary agent in all of Hollywood.

The two screenwriters I know so far Walter HD and Rodger Jacobs are very fine writers. Really the best. So, Rodg could do the screenplays for the big money maker and Walter could do the love story about Valdez. I totally trust these two writers I mean that. I do. I love their work?

It just so happens that there was an article in the LAT the other day on that industry in the biz sec and Rodg and I both read it. Well?

I could craft a Velvet Babe story every day and it would make me laugh…She could also have a lingerie line as well as other spin offs and so forth?

All tasteful and refined just as she is.

She could also get that hotel for Marcia out of this deal and a fab house for Rodger, who is going to be paid what he is worth because he is a great writer, and, what would the world be without its writers?

And get that yellow house that Ken liked for him!

That is a totally fab house by the way…overlooking the city as it does. At night if you live on the Riviera the fog often rolls in lower than the houses at the top? And on clear nights the city lights twinkle below like a magic carpet.

I grew up on that side of town, myself…

Anyway, one thing I have always been good at is knowing who to match up with what. I really do. I have a lot of writing pouring out of me right now in many directions.

The treatment planner, the memoir, stories of the Velvet Babe and so forth…


Magic meets tinseltown in a flurry of glam…