Day: June 25, 2009

Western feminisim salutes Sarkozy — addressing Patriarchy and “the veil.”

There are a lot of things the Patriarchy would rather keep veiled, but?

You just can’t in the WEST.

Take a look at this picture from 1979 and you see the fist of feminism, just like it looked all over the world at that time.

One of the first things imposed in this country post-revolution were dress codes?

How handy.

Of course, one knows that everyone has sex the same way all over the world when it comes to heterosexuals, no?

The world’s Patriarchy has been looking at pornography in the web hasn’t it?

For quite some time now.  20 years?

So, they thought that by putting a tent over women they could stop something evil from infiltrating their culture perhaps?

Isn’t it just like them to secretly ogle what might be out there?

This is because men are desperate to find out what other men do and know — isn’t it?

Right now you have China censoring pornography and even sexual health sites in the web.

Yesterday news broke about another politician having a love affair.

So what?

Love affairs happen.  All over the world one is starting right this minute.

They are going to happen whether you try and veil the whole world or not.

They have since the dawn of time because people get bored.

Women get bored with lovers who aren’t terribly good in bed.  That works both ways doesn’t it?

People look for love.  Always have, always will.

Love doesn’t always last and comes in many different forms.

One of the reasons I write what I write is to help Patriarchy understand what sex looks like.

Because how else can you do that except in metaphor?

Consider netroots what you have broadcast out since this tool became available?

It would be good if the various Patriarchs around the world sat down at a little table and confessed to each other what they have seen?

You would not be seeing the split betwween 7th and 21st century if you did that?

As you do in this image?

Western women are the equals of men.

Get used to it.

And, anyone who manages to find love, bliss, and the eroticism that RUMI writes about in a relationship?

Wish that for them.

Life is brief.

Too brief to live without that LOVE.

I began to write because I wanted to talk about Shams.

I met him in this lifetime, and you can read one of my stories about him here.