Day: May 7, 2009

If you live in California long enough…

Earthquakes and fires will be part of your experience. We don’t have tornadoes, yet. But, one thing that has changed in my lifetime are the winds.

We used to have winds in October called Santa Ana’s. They were balmy.

Now we have something called Sundowners. The first time I ever heard the winds called that was the day of the Painted Cave Fire. Nobody here will ever forget that one. I worked for a paper at the time and we were up all night. For days.

What we need is a California native for the governor. Somebody who understands the issues of our state.

I think most Californians are tired of posturing imbeciles in politics.

We watch events like tornadoes like you probably watch earthquakes or fires with the same horror and also respect for the forces of the natural world. It seems like each region of our country has their own things to cope with.

Here is a story from the LAT on this fire and you can see the hills…

What is cool in the story is that you have an old local talking about how he fights them off. The old Mountain Drive community had to do that too, in the Tea Fire. The hills are made up of chapparall and ceanothus and people who live up there have to clear the brush and use landscaping that works if they want to build up there. Last night, it was very scary looking, because the plumes were so high — it looked like hell in a way. This morning isn’t as bad and the winds haven’t come up yet. The firefighters are the real heroes in this one. They always are!

That’s why we need a governor who understands how important they are.

Instead of this!

Off SFGate:

“…Just how dire the state’s fiscal straits may be if voters reject the measures on May 19 was raised this week, when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger warned that defeat of the measures could lead the state to cut more than 1,700 firefighters and require cities and counties to lend the state $2 billion in property taxes…”


He’s not even a native Californian is he?


You also have to wonder just what he has done for California lately. How come our state is in such a fiscal mess? Where is the foresight and calm appraisal?

Here is an opinion piece from the Mercury News…

“…This week, the Schwarzenegger-led campaign rolled out a television ad in which Los Angeles County Fire Department Capt. Chris Judd declared, “Sacramento’s budget mess has already forced departments to lay off firefighters and paramedics. And it could get even worse. Without Props 1A and 1B, we have $16 billion in new cuts coming. Could lose another 24,000 firefighters and police. And you know who that hurts? The people who depend on us.”

Then the governor’s minions peddled to the media — without direct attribution — a proposal to eliminate 1,100 seasonal firefighters, more than 600 permanent firefighters, and more than 30 firefighting camps and stations if the measures don’t pass…”


I think California is really tired of these tactics. Really tired.

Especially this morning, looking up at the hills. Reagan he isn’t.

The other day I was looking at land for sale in Texas just to see. I really like that T. Boone Pickens and his whole concept of green energy. Texas is ahead of the curve for the west on that. We could do it now, right here. That’s why we need a seasoned Governor like Jerry Brown. He’s been around a long time and so he knows our state. Like Pickens knows his. We are so tired in California of celeb politicians trying to get photo-ops. Really.

Our state needs Jerry Brown.

The news is sensationalizing the fire. It’s bad, like they all are, but not the end of the world.

They must have worked all through the night, because you cannot see the smoke like yesterday.

I just found this audio of Brown talking about things our state faces here:

Audio: Jerry Brown on Money, Drought

Last night I was thinking about the droughts and water, and how seawater could have been used to fight the fire — assuming we had planes like that. In California we have been through droughts and water shortages before. Those of us that understand global warming is real and not some fake concept want to get going on things that can help that — right now.

If you could get past all the political squabbling maybe something could get done?

Look at this fab little plane!

Canadair CL-215

The last time we had a drought around here we had a De Sal plant. We voted that in! It cost a small fortune. And then?

They wasted the whole thing, didn’t they? Talk about a waste by politicians. That thing should be up and running — but no, it was an excuse to vote in State Water. Well? What will happen to the State Water now? They dissassembled the De Sal plant. It’s gone. Why?

Politicians like Jerry Brown are the right thing for California. Right now.

This heat wave is unusual for May. Very.

The whole climate is off around here. There have not been the usual Santa Ana’s in years.

We need politicians who can face facts about our state!

Not poseurs.