Day: March 16, 2009

a literary aside…

I’m currently reading this:

Slowly.  The first short story is all about marriage…

It comes with a 5* rating.  She’s fab.


Work to do.  Today.

I can hardly take all the bad news as the country tanks.  And the big banks?  And the pensions.

This is our country you know?  So…..

Small business — I have stumbled around in the short story biz since 2001 — always for free, so far.  My things have been published in books that made money for others and that was okay, by me.  At the time.

What I could never understand, though, was how little the writer got out of the deal — and so — during the time I was in that writer’s group I set up a web page and sent some money to Random House’s X-Libris to self-pub — just to do it.

On all of this, I have been “the great procrastinator!” — finally — after three years of my Writers Conference, three years of agents, three years of?  I put about 150 pages together of my own short stories — and the time is nigh to send that.  I just can’t make a bigger book right now — I don’t feel like it.  That first book was difficult to choose the stories for, as it was.

The last I heard from my editor, she was an obot –which was very difficult for me…especially given what is happening now in this country.  I already have this established nom de plume, and I don’t want to change it.  She didn’t like that I had McC up on here — or Hillary.  Well?  Either of them would have been a lot better than this, no?  They would have.

So, today, that book is going to go on a keydrive thing and get taken to a place here in town where these cool types I know, know how to translate my stuff into a form that can be read in the right format to upload.  I don’t care if this is a Vanity/Kindle deal at this point.   I just don’t.  I’ve sort of had it, actually — with the whole deal.  I have.

It’s funny but, I haven’t even really been writing much this last year — just the blog, and the political things.  I have gotten literally thousands of readers on the pieces I wrote on Ecopsychology — all over the world.  Gee, maybe I ought to write a different book?  Next! — Hmmm….

Anyway — my favorite bookstore doesn’t look like it is doing very well, and it really makes me sad.  I went by there the other day — no one was in there.  When I was working I used to buy several books a week.  I stopped there every weekend — I really did.  I don’t want to see them be another casualty of this economy.

Anyway — solo.  This read is from NYT on “The New Austerity” — in the biz.


Solo.  I wonder if the chubby literary agent I met the first go-round still has a job?  She knew all about the original Ms. Snark — who has reappeared — I see…

Anyway, good links off the above for friends who read here — that want to learn about the lit world.

In the meantime — setting up for Kindle.  I have a whole lot of books in me to write, so?

Why not?

Political news today — this was interesting….

It’s just all work and no play, at the mo.  I could use the other machine and get fancy with the photoshop for a cover?

One thing about publishing yourself, ala Vanity?

Total creative control.  I like that.  Art Direction, it was my life — long ago and far away.

And ummm, advertising will be a cinch.

The first piece I’m going to give to the K is called Red Leatherette…once I donated it to a place for a good cause — I used to be all about charity, all the time.  This year is different.

ps: my house is in a shambles…like most writer’s houses usually are…

When, I was first married my grandmother said to me:  “Well, I always had help.”


She did.  She never worked a day in her life.  Not once.