Day: March 5, 2009

Czars and outcomes — a wake-up call from California politicians– (the ex-Democrat edition)….

I had a hard time falling asleep last night.  I really did.  I was thinking about my friend Riverdaughter and what just happened to her.  Which made me think about the millions of women who are in situations like that right now.  In a way, I’m one too.  I never bought into the 401k deal, myself.  But others really did.  Their companies and the larger crooks — should I say SWINE? are responsible.

I plan, at my leisure, to document in a book — the fallout of what a layoff looked like in the newspaper industry.  That fuctard Pinch owes me.  My severance.  I’ve never taken a dime from my country.  Not once.  Not even unemployment.

But that fuck deserves what I have to say — and so do his cohorts in a now-dying industry.

I could start my characters off in the period of the sale itself — couldn’t I?  Or I could start with the Italian guy who was my beloved boss in the late 80’s.  I could start with how he died, after what they did.  Couldn’t I?

He had a heart attack.  It just so happens I have a photographic memory.  That helps a writer.  And a therapist.

Funny thing — RD and I were both part of huge writing things in the web.  What happened to her was similar to what happened to me.  The attempt to silence the feminist voice.  I left a writer’s group when the unethical happened.  I miss my old pals — but not the sick fuck I did battle with as a writer.  So, when I met RD — we were both SOLO acts and pens.  Oh, that is going to be one juicy book.  But first — I’ll sell my own stuff.  My established body of work.  I can’t wait.  In fact?  I have a reason.  A charitable one, in mind.

At any rate — I read for content.  Here it was over at RD’s place:

Wednesday: I will gladly pay you Tuesday

“…We’ve heard a lot about how Americans don’t save enough and I think we all know people who spend money like there’s no tomorrow.  But what about the vast majority who *did* save for tomorrow by buying into the notion that the company or state or financial services provider was carefully stashing away money on our behalf?  We gave them our trust and our money and many of us, including yours truly, are paupers today.  I’ve just seen 12 years of savings wiped out in the blink of an eye.

The finance industry has a pretty sweet deal.  They had access to our savings for years now and they gambled it all away.  For the stupid wage slave out there (and let’s face it, that’s how they see us), there’s very little left from the promise of future rewards if we just defer our savings.  This is the result of deregulation. We gave them our money in good faith and there was no accoutability for what happened to it.  It was like giving your life savings to a gambling addict with no requirement that the money had to be returned, in full with interest, by the end of the night.  No penalties for failing to do so.  We were *encouraged* to do this.  My employer signed me up for the 401K plan the first day I started to work…”

Funny thing about CA Dems — now ex-Dems because of 2008…

Lies and BS don’t sit well with our kind.

When Hayden says the above?  You just lost a state.  You really did.

Here is the LAT on that little CZAR problem.

Here is the story of the actual CZARS told by a child since the wiki doesn’t even have it up yet — and ummm…

Russian scholar says USA will collapse next year

That last one is the read of the day from Uppity Woman — like RD, very dear to me — they are columnists I follow.

I’m sick at my stomach right now — thinking about these two.

They are my friends and fellow bloggers.

Maybe that six state theory holds true?

maybe so…


This next hed ought to show you the REAL TRUTH about what is going on in this country.  Since I’m a therapist I know how to look for the crucial signs…

Food stamp enrollment jumps to record 31.8 million

You know what starts to happen when times are like these?

Czars and pseudoczars fall flat on their asses in the public eye.

Don’t they?