Day: February 23, 2009

Seeing stars…

Original "A Star is Born" film...

Original "A Star is Born" film...

Last night, after the Oscars I watched the original “A Star is Born” — and, two of my favs won last night. Winslet and Penn. To me they are “great” actors. Not everyone falls into that category — but these two do.

This morning I was thinking about all the old greats in Hwood — and what Hwood does when it wants to say something.

They make *that* film.

This fab screenwriter I met at the Writers Conf. made one like that about the war in Vietnam. He told us how controversial it was in its time — and what happened to the actor, afterwards.

Penn is BRAVE.

He is also this gen — part of the tail end Bboom.

His films and performances are and will be legendary.

So anyway — here is a picture of what was outside last night before he made those comments.

Wow. In this day and age?


I think California is viewing all of this from a distance — because of our tolerance for things.

I think we expected honesty from politicians this year — not just target-marketing.

So, in light of that it’s really interesting to read his thoughts in the interview in the piece above.

Penn doing that at the Oscars reminded me of one year and something Brando did at the awards about American Indians.

Good for him! (What a fighter!) —-

So, their lives (as stars) must be a lot like that old film I watched again post Oscars. That Norman Maine part applies to all of them, I guess. I loved that part where they gave out affirmations to each other before the best actor and actress award. The set had a hushed elegance too. Anyway, boy does Penn ever have a bright star glowing over him this morning. He’s one of the greats of all time. A real Hollywood star.

Looking at the posters above shows me what is going on as an undercurrent in the country.

You know, the best thing about artists like these?

They’ll fight injustice on the silver screen.

The writers will pen it — and then?

The audience can start learning a few things…

I think they need more films right now that are character studies — instead of escapist faire.

Films about the human dilemma and the human condition…

The film is a teaching device — I’ve always thought that. For the masses.

They ought to make some films about these protesters and their stories, and then the flip side?

So that the two sides could get some illumination about each other.  Compare/Contrast.

That would be hopeful.

My gen grew up watching Midnight Cowboy. (Movies like Penn’s “Into the Wild”) — totally necessary… Ah well — I have my own perspective on these things… Meanwhile, penning something m’self. It is so HARD to try and think in a screenplay-way. Dunno. I’ve taken classes in it — but — it takes a certain mind to think like that — devoid of detail — only dialogue? Today is Pilates and flowers. * Redecorating…

(did you say writer’s block?)

I did.