Day: February 4, 2009

The American Dream. Foreclosed. Washington needs to rethink “infrastructure” soon. Here is the Little Pink House Edition — now put that together with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and make a plan, soon.

A great rock and roll song, first. The irony will be something when you see the tent city of pink houses from Seattle — in Nickleville.

Here is the timeless classic of Mellencamp’s.

Moving on down to South Carolina — let’s look at the foreclosure of an American Dream:

Let’s take a look at some headlines:

Report: Owners of Foreclosed Homes Steal Appliances, Leave Houses in Disarray

Let’s take a look at little pink houses in 2009 up in Washington State:

Here is a blog about that for all you Washington D.C. political types…

Let’s read another story!

Trashed foreclosures leave lenders grasping

Gee, did they mean “grasping” or “gasping”

The last time we saw mass migrations was during the Dust Bowl Era in America. Here is one of Walker Evan’s photographs from that era.

It seems to me, that Washington D.C. had better rethink everything pretty soon. The problem on your hands is much larger than you realize — and the American Public is tired of hearing about bankers and Wall Street and bonuses execs deserve– in the face of looking at this.


Now, this Mellencamp song dates from an era in this country when things felt prosperous, doesn’t it?

At this point — you better rethink MASLOW, right now.

Here is that graphic again, for your contemplation:

You had best create HOPE at the lowest levels in our country before you contemplate who is going to buy all the cars we manufacture.

Corporations who have sold this country down the river should be the first to be penalized.

Take a look at the purple bar at the bottom of this pyramid.

These are the core human needs that need to be addressed first.

Now how are you going to do that from a sea of pink tents?

From the various “Nicklesvilles” all over this country right now?

It looks like you have Biden in charge?

Perhaps he should read this:

Unless I really believed this I wouldn’t say it. Part of the problem is the degree of homelessness and abject poverty all across the country. I think this varies State by State, and also community by community. If you live in an affluent community unless you do some research, or travel into blighted areas how can you know what things look like?

Biden, and everyone in the DEMOCRATIC PARTY needs to rethink their notion of what has happened to the “middle class” in this country.

I suggest you take a tour of tent cities state to state.

You can start rebuilding by using MASLOW as a model.

And before you try and placate all those religious types who want to strip birth control from women?

You had better ask yourselves whether or not babies are being created in those tents.

I’ve had hundreds of hits on this one — so you can read it too!

We had been discussing men I had seen in a Rehab, but I’m going to jump forward because of the issues in this election and take a look at core sociopathy, narcissism, abortion and feminism. We are going to dispense for the moment with religious belief systems people hold — and just look at some “real-life” truths about BABIES, okay? We’ll be looking as a therapist looks. Because, the client’s value systems are their own, and we respect that. What is difficult for feminists in this election has been the misogyny and sexism we’ve seen, as well as the attempt by the Republican Party to strip away our rights as WOMEN.

I’ll amend that last part, to the PATRIARCHY’s (both Democrat and Republican) attempt to strip rights in this country.

I’m going to expect that few of you in Washington ever worked with the homeless as I did (as a therapist).

It’s high time you experience what actually exists in our country in 2009.

So you can do something about it, no?

Before it gets worse here.

Democrats wanted to feel we could believe in our Party, didn’t we? We did.

So, since you have won — what is the plan for all of these people?

This is where Joe Biden might have a chance to actually shine as Vice President.

Let’s see what he can come up with, soon.

I have no problems giving away an idea for free. Especially to the PATRIARCHY.

Frankly, most of the time, I don’t have much faith in their ability to solve ANYTHING — most of them act like little babies themselves, no?

Maybe you should send Pelosi out with Feinstein and Capps.

Let’s see what California Democratic Women have in mind as a fix.

Before it gets much worse for the NATION.

We elected you. Now do your JOBS as public SERVANTS.