Day: January 18, 2009

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Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha

Well, it’s been rather a long year — and unfortunately I just learned that the Writer’s Conference I go to is on hold until 2010.

One of the reasons I wanted to choose the “right” agent (and I think I did) was because I know this book will make a lot of money given its target market.

I wanted to help my pals at the Conference buy the property where they used to hold it.  The old hotel is quite charming in its way.

It is a perfect place for writers to gather.  In the last few years I’ve thought a lot about the meaning of a life — since so many around me exited this planet since 2000.

I should like to be known for being a philanthropist — and when I had my reading done the other day — my astrologer said I had this in my chart.

My first writing was in childhood, believe it or not.  It is something I have always done on and off in my life.  As a creative outlet.  I think all children should get the chance to be exposed to the Humanities.  So, I had been published a lot in the web.  Really a lot.  I’m grateful for that.

Finally I culled a first little book of short stories.  It’s only a first book — because I have more material.  It’s just that I, (the art director me) wanted a certain amount of creative control in terms of the finished product and that is just the way it goes.

I write Literary Erotica.  For heterosexuals.  And, the demographic where I fit is the male market.

My character “The Velvet Babe” is based on the swanky pin ups that were popular in men’s magazines in the late 50’s.  Other stories I have written are about sexlife as morality tale — at least I feel I tried to do that.  So, being around a bunch of literary giants at the Conference as I was — was intimidating.  it was.  The first agents I met I didn’t like much.  They were women.

To tell males you write erotica?  Not an easy task. It took three years to sit with those agents.

However.  I’m ready and I have that first book.  On Monday I’m sending it —

At this point I want to help my friends and so?

I’m ready.

The hotel that the Writer’s Conference used to be held in has been sitting vacant for about six years.  This year the prices of the hotels to host the Conference are off the charts — and so they have to put it on hold for a year.  It doesn’t seem right.  It really doesn’t — especially since it is an institution in my town.

For 36 years.

And, I didn’t go last year — and now I can’t this year.  Damn.

I tend to like the way that teNeues and Paper Blanks do things — in terms of the way a book might be presented?  I just like that, style-wise.  Probably because I was a graphic designer once.  I wanted input  on how my books would look in print.

I was going to do it myself, through X-Libris for that reason.  (Because I could).

But — this year, I plan to send out that first manuscript to the agent I liked best.  He had a tremendous amount of style. And he is also involved with some very artistic things himself.  That’s why I liked him.

I’m a shy person, you know?

So, it takes me awhile to sort through things.

He was really good looking, too.

So, you can imagine what a difficulty that presented in terms of telling him the subject matter.  Now though, I am far enough away from those stories that it no longer matters, and besides, I am currently writing something else with the working title “whitegirl” — a coming of age tale ala 1970’s — that has already gotten great feedback.  I had planned to take it to the Conference this year but?


So, I have a feeling my book will sell very, very, well because there is nothing else on the market like it for heterosexuals — not these kind of short stories.   I grew up on Anais Nin and D. H. Lawrence so?  I suppose that might put me in a league that is slightly different than most.

Monday, I shall mail it.

Because of my education as a therapist, I also see the book as a curative in a sense for the Viagra set.

I mean?

Why on earth did that pill get invented and why?

It seems rather sad to me, actually.  So, hopefully this book can be an antidote, as well.

The “Velvet Babe” is a separate thing, and a Hollywood thing!  The Babe represents an old style innocent sexy glamour — the antidote to pornography.  And since my stepfather was one of those, an antidote to a childhood spent fatherless because of that very thing.

At any rate — money that I get is going to go towards some charity things I want to fund, so just know there is good in my heart.  My astrologer already gave me a nod on all of this at my birthday reading.

Thank heavens.

So I feel better.

I just bought a bunch of my favorite Paper Blanks journals — the one with the Wisteria is really fab!

And, they are all suitably glam as it is.

That is the sort of “casing” I like.  For my stuff.  Because it is like me!

So, here he is

I’m not any good at writing screenplays — it’s too hard.  But, I think I am good at writing stories screenplays might be made from and those screenwriters at the Conference are my faves —

My faves.  Plus, I have a love story to tell based on my short story “Man in the Moon” that would make a beautiful film I think.  I know it would.  And so?

Well, thanks to my friend FlyingSong, I think I’ll just act on all of it.



(My motive is to help that Conference, because I love them all at that place, I really do.)