Day: January 2, 2009

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Men would learn everything about women if only they could hear their voices crying.

This is true for every man on the face of this planet, and so it is in the spirit of this, that I send you a voice from Palestine, which has been translated into English.  Is her voice any different than an American voice?  An African voice?  A Russian voice?  An Israeli voice?  A Chinese voice?  A Korean voice?  Her voice could be mine, because as women all across the world we are part of the SISTERHOOD of women,  THE GLOBAL SISTERHOOD.

American feminists have been working for women’s causes for a very long time.  We look to people like Mother Teresa for our inspiration.  As children we were taught about other children starving all over the world, and so, I beg the men in charge of all of the nations in the world to hear this voice and to wage PEACE amongst themselves and be the DIPLOMATS we know that they are in their hearts.  You see, when the poet refers to the Casbah, American women understand the metaphor.

In the best news I have heard my President will be meeting with Ban Ki-moon very soon.  What my President has said made me cry this morning — tears of gratitude.  I offer up the RUMI poem to President Bush and Ban Ki-moon today, and then I have some other news as well, as the Diplomats from around the world are gathering.  I give thanks for the United Nations — because I feel that they are the HOPE of the ENTIRE WORLD in this moment.

Here is our President and Ban Ki-moon:

“…The White House released a statement Friday in which it revealed President George Bush will meet with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the White House on January 6.

According to Deputy Press Secretary Gordon Johndroe, the meeting will serve as a chance for Bush to “thank Secretary-General Ban for his leadership of the United Nations and his cooperation on key issues over the past two years.”

Additionally, Johndroe said the two would “discuss the future of the United Nations and the challenges that remain, such as U.N. reform, the Middle East, Burma, Somalia, and peacekeeping in Darfur. The President will stress the need for a United Nations that can act effectively to promote freedom, democratic governance, human rights, and a world free from terror.”

Ban was elected Secretary-General on October 13, 2006, succeeding Kofi Annan. Previous to his election, he served as Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea…”

The HU in Rumi’s Poetry

In sufi circles they say, “There’s prayer, and a step up from that
is meditation, and a step up from that is sohbet, or conversation.”
Who is talking to HU! (The pronoun for divine presence.) Lover
to beloved, teacher to disciple. The Friendship of Rumi and Shams
became a continuous conversation, in silence and words, presence
talking to absence, existence to non-existence, periphery to center.
Rumi’s poetry may be heard as eavesdropping on that exchange.”

RUMI – We Are Three

[translation by Coleman Barks]

Recognize that your imagination and your thinking
and your sense-perception are reed canes
that children cut and pretend are horsies.

The Knowing of mystic Lovers is different.
The empirical, sensory, sciences
are like a donkey loaded with books,
or like the makeup woman’s makeup.
It washes off.

But if you lift the baggage rightly, it will give you joy.
Don’t carry your knowledge-load for some selfish reason.
Deny your desires and willfulness,
and a real mount may appear under you.

Don’t be satisfied with the name of HU,
with just words about it.

Experience That Drunkenness.
From books and words come fantasy,
and sometimes, from fantasy
comes UNION.

Here is the link to the page filled with RUMI’s poems about LOVE. In the tradition of Depth Psychology we call this “the third thing” — this HU is the breath of the divine presence between Lover and Beloved, the sacred mystic union that so many will never have the chance to experience if they live their lives in war torn places.  You see, there will be too much fear to ever find it in this or any lifetime.  To experience this HU even once, even once, makes life worth living…

Carl Jung wrote of this as well many years ago.  He was in a sense a mystic himself — much like RUMI was.

Here is  the voice of the feminine in a Palestinian poet.  My heart goes out to all women in war torn places this morning…

Her name is Salma, the women who wrote these poems — but she could have any name — her voice is timeless, and Allah could also be called God in my country — that is the name that Americans call that which they pray to, and this is why Coleman Barks used that name when he translated Rumi’s poems…

You see, you must use history as a tapestry to trace the roots of all the world’s religions because they all date from Antiquity — not many people know this though.  How can they if they have never seen the beauty of the ancient world…

A philosopher would say to visit each, to learn and see…

A Tale

He — my father-in-law — returns to bed.
He sleeps with his wife, rises early,
takes a bath, and prays to Allah
for Paradise.
That is the Law of Allah — that is the Law of the prophet.
The river of kisses returns and rushes in prayers,
and he dreams of a houri snaking between his thighs.
His idea of fun in bed:
ploughing women to harvest children.

My husband, too, genuflects before a lusty flea.
He is also a buyer in the market; he saves dinars
to buy a second wife.

But I wear a deep, deep scar on my brow.
I sail in every windy direction, a wife exiled.
My people are dead — or dying — and dying only.
My children half-sleep near the lamp lit windows
of my house — tossed by a storm.
My country? My country!
Under the silver moon of mourning,
the body of my mother — dead — wanders in the hills,
while the wind stands silent by her grave.

In the Casbah

The war I thought the war was…
Mai and I: we died here.
We were crushed by armored wheels.
But you? You were freewheeling and double-dealing
in the Casbah.

I picked up the remains of my children’s bodies,
broken and scattered in the streets.
In nightmare I swam over my head,
and then they peeled off my skin,
kept it hanging over the fire to dry it up.

I fled, I crawled, I lurked.
I heard the wind scream: ‘Salma, Salma
they’ve bought and sold you.’
A thousand snakes coiled around my heart.
But you? You were free-wheeling and double-dealing
in the Casbah.

Weren’t you,
when our nation became
the ground for the dead and the dying?

In Depth Psychology we believe in World Mythology — because what are we except a speck of dust in time, all of the time that has come before us, and all the time that will come after us…

Polytheistic myth as psychology

“…Furthermore, Hillman states that, “The power of myth, its reality, resides precisely in its power to seize and influence psychic life. The Greeks knew this so well, and so they had no depth psychology and psychopathology such as we have. They had myths. And we have no myths as such -instead, depth psychology and psychopathology. Therefore… psychology shows myths in modern dress and myths show our depth psychology in ancient dress.”[8] Hillman qualifies his many references to gods as differing from a literalistic approach saying that for him they are aides memoires, ie. sounding boards employed “for echoing life today or as bass chords giving resonance to the little melodies of life…”

The Egyptians wrote the Book of Hearts — the earliest physicians knew that all ailments come from the heart, the sadness in the heart of a people, a tribe, a woman or a man, or a child…here is a picture of that scroll in the wikipedia…

Ebers Papyrus

“…The Ebers Papyrus is written in hieratic Egyptian writing and preserves for us the most voluminous record of ancient Egyptian medicine known. The 110-page scroll, which is about 20 meters long, contains some 700 magical formulas and remedies. It contains many incantations meant to turn away disease-causing demons and there is also evidence of a long tradition of empirical practice and observation…”

All of the civilizations of Antiquity have much to teach us all over the world…about our shared HUMANITY.

The scholars at the Alliance of Civilizations all know this!

Here is their web page for you again — there are scholars from all around the world in Ban Ki-moon’s tribe…

Alliance of Civilizations

and here is new from the Turkish Press, in the place where the sufis dance, as RUMI knew so many years ago…

Erdoğan steps up calls for immediate cease-fire in Gaza

These men come from Civilizations so ancient that they will know what to do to solve this problem, I hope.  They have gone to Egypt where the book of hearts was written…

From the BBC new out of England, a story about the families in GAZA…

Gaza voices: Family fears

Please help Ban Ki-Moon, and the Alliance of Civilizations find a way toward PEACE in the New Year…