Day: December 14, 2008

Chicago politics and the ties that bind, Election 2008…

Well, you can take an interactive look at this muckracking map from Muckety:

Funny , all roads seem to lead back to Chicago and the Chicago Commercial Club.

Those are some pretty big players in that club. Big corporations, no?

Now we are getting a sense of how all that money “got there.”

Like I said, I have a lot of FAITH in the FBI agent Robert Grant. And Senator Grassley. And Senator John McCain.

It looks like Blagojevich and Emanuel were part of the Club together and Axelrod too.

Best edit I read this morning?

Ponzi schemes, corruption and bankruptcy signal American meltdown

on an utterly classless note:

WH Tells Obamas, No Room at the Blair House

Isn’t it kind of like “Wait your turn?” — but actually, wouldn’t it show a bit more taste on their part not to ask for such a thing?

I think so. But then, this entire thing has been tasteless — and so why should we expect to see anything tasteful at this point?

It’s all just leaving a bad taste in the mouths of ex-Democrats this Christmas.

A very bad taste indeed.

I feel for the newsroom at the Trib. I really do.

I hope they document all the bad guys behind the scenes involved.

ps: I really liked Jonah’s take. I like the way he writes about things — here is the link off The Chron:

Obama can’t avoid all taint from Blagojevich scandal

Newspaper people. The best little club in the world.

They are.