Day: December 9, 2008

Buy American Christmas Trees, it’s a green political statement to support family farms!

Okay, the news is very BLEAK today. Very BLEAK indeed when it comes to lay offs.

Did corporate America give you the shaft?

Part of being a GREEN is to support LOCAL AMERICAN businesses. Like these small tree farms up in Seattle. DO NOT BUY a plastic tree. If you buy a plastic tree you are contributing to the PLASTIC PROBLEM worldwide that is poisoning the food chain. Here is an article to read on that. Take a look at the mega-corps and how they have raided the Christmas Tree business. BOYCOTT!

Family Christmas tree farms offer experiences that can’t be matched

“More big-box chain stores are branching out to sell trees, but family farms offer experiences that can’t be matched…”

I find it very short sighted on the media’s part to be promoting plastic Christmas Trees in the first place. A real tree harvested from a tree farm is more ecologically sound, because it can be chipped for mulch. Cities in California have green recycling programs that take care of this for us. That is an example of thinking sustainably and globally. Stay LOCAL.

You are helping to support America by helping American companies, and small business.

It’s not hard to make small green shifts in your lifestyle. Seriously. Part of this is a REJECTION of what ADVERTISING is target-marketing to you. It may even be more fun choosing a tree from an actual farm because if you read about the one in that article above — they have things like hot mulled cider!

You aren’t going to find that in a parking lot, believe me. Now, there will be some people who reject the idea of farmed trees. But, it’s a little like Sarah Palin’s “outdoorishness” that people didn’t understand.

She and John McCain were for small business in America. At the rate we can no longer trust corporate America to follow an ethical business model? Small business is the way to go.

It’s just so all about the grid. The old grid, and the new grid.

Even 25 years ago we knew what all the plastic was doing to the planet. It’s choking it.

There is a limit to how it can be recycled, in the first place. Glass is a far better choice.

Benefits of Glass Recycling

Given the problems the FDA is having with that little melamine issue, maybe America should “go glass” instead. Most things used to be packaged in glass bottles. They are very safe and natural. Also you can save and reuse them as well. My childhood was when “baggies” first made an appearance. Before that there was waxed paper. A green way would maybe make waxed paper from bamboo or another renewable? Why not go backwards a few steps while going forward by leaps and bounds.

Of course, these things would be inexpensive, no?

And this is where the profit meisters on the “grid” don’t want to change. But if you boycott?

They will have to listen.

In really sad news today is the fate of two really big newspapers in America.

Well, we need our newspapers, don’t we? Because news in the web is too fragmented for the average American. And for an uneducated American? I saw that the mogul was about to head south because Brazil had so much to offer, financially.

So, who are these companies that are laying off the ENTIRE AMERICAN WORKFORCE?

I mean, where are their ETHICS?

That is the question.

Mulled Cider got me to thinking about how totally great that tastes, plus the scent will waft through your kitchen in wonderful ways…

For me, being green is going back to a simpler lifestyle — almost like the sort of lifestyle my grandparents had. Life was more fun when people weren’t just supposed to be consumers. They actually had time for each other, and people were not trampled in shopping stampedes, either.

I was thinking about a really simple present you could make, using that snowflake idea we cut out the other day. You could make a snowflake from some white felt by cutting it out the same way. Or, using the paper snowflake as a pattern!

You could also do this with wool fabric, and then make a small pillow.

As a present. I’m having a hard time finding a source for American felt. But I did find Pendleton — and they have been around for YEARS. Since we were in the Northwest about those trees — I stopped off over there…

Everyone I know has had a Pendleton shirt at one time or another…

Looks like the Los Angeles Times was on that…

American heritage brands make a comeback