Day: November 19, 2008

Netroots face reality, and reality isn’t very nice…

Being duped is never a very nice thing.  Is it?  Face it, you were used.  You were nothing but a series of stepping stones for somebody else’s glory.  You’ll get over it.  You have no choice.

True Dems who actually are GREEN PROGRESSIVES saw right through this sham from the start.  Maybe because we have seen more politics in our lifetimes.  It’s probably going to get a lot worse now for all of us.  Or hadn’t you heard?

Real Dems knew we could trust Hillary Clinton and John McCain because of who they are, not just as human beings but because of their histories.  Their YEARS of service in the White House and The Senate.


You fell for the feel-good logoville!  You were organized all right.  How much did you contribute?  You pooled into little groups and fell into place didn’t you?  The rest of us saw something else transpiring.  Oh, and the world news this morning?  It’s not good.

But first?

Obama’s unity message tested by left

“…When it comes to the netroots, Barack Obama has the long arm-short arm syndrome. He has taken much from us in terms of support, voice, momentum, money, footwork and energy. Obama has given little, if anything, in return to the netroots. Unless you count disdain and scorn. And pokes in the eye with a blunt stick,” wrote the blogger, who used the name bmaz…”

So, it turns out they were told to “go Cheney-themselves…”

The world has a message for you, netroots.  It came this morning off the wire.  Remember when John McCain rushed to Washington and made statements about Georgia and this big financial mess?  He was working!  On the problems.  Right away.  That is what a President does.  They aren’t in it for the glam and the Hollywood endorsements.  Now, this nation is holding its collective breath because of your netrooty screw up in 2008.

Look what has been said about Mr. Feelgood.  Your guy.  Right here

Pretty scary, huh.  It’s almost like they are testing him to watch him try and give the finger like he did to Hillary and John McCain.

He already did that though, didn’t he?  You must remember what McCain said about that during the debates, no?  He said it was never wise to just announce your plans out loud.

Take a look at what the thoughts are in that article above.  He is seen as a traitor by them to his father’s religion, and they had some pretty nasty little barbs about Malcolm X as well along the way.

And you thought the world was going to change magically didn’t you?  If you just threw yourself behind what the media was practically paid off to promote.  How naive of you.  Thinking you could actually change things.

John McCain wanted to build a “League of Democracies” — and if you noticed, he was the one using the word PEACE.  Your guy?  He faked you out.  He never used that word did he?  Nope.  All he ever talked about was making more war.  GREEN PROGRESSIVES like myself were all over that, first.  As an issue.

He was flush with your adoration, wasn’t he?  And flush with funds.  Those things tend to go to a person’s head.  But, the other world leaders don’t like that.  In fact, they don’t like GREED, per se.  So, you can bet that what they have on their minds right now is how greedy this whole thing has been.  Just think about it.

They don’t like your guy.  At all.  And, my sense is that they have NO RESPECT for him, at all.  It’s a money thing in their eyes.

What you didn’t realize is that we are going to face four more years of the same and maybe worse.  You should have thought about that in advance.  One thing about this year?  You’ll never make this kind of mistake again.

You won’t vote for an egotist.

You’ll vote for a public servant, no?

That’s the job description after all.