Day: November 6, 2008

How to deal with Palin-bashing imbeciles, by a feminist…

You know, if the media were being more gracious and less effing snarky the proletariat wouldn’t be acting like savages, would they?  Because, if they deal the SAVAGE out — they can certainly expect the SAVAGE back.

Last night chez art studio a little clump of those really flaccid non-manly types just happened to be commenting on her.  The eldest (a white pony-tailed Cheechy/Chongy type from way back) who ordinarily is a very decent guy — was hanging out in the glaze room with a couple of 20 year old  Jr. Dickheads, and they were having a regular BASH of Palin in front of a few of those ridiculous (brain dead semi-comatose 20 year old media bred anti-depressant poppin’ non-artisanal in the first place) silent Ochicks…

And guess who overheard it, and got very po’d.

So, I turned to Le Mofo elderman (who should know better) du jour and said, loudly, “Do you want me to kick your ass now or later?”

He’s the type who likes to wear a French beret to class, no?  With overalls.

I launched into a PUMAdiatribe! About how WE wanted Hillary Clinton, and that Palin was “Pick Number Two” for us.

AS FEMINISTS, because she would advance the cause….

You would be amazed at how quickly they scattered.  And they probably never even knew what happened.

So, third-wave — you can learn, no?  You need to learn.  How to stop that action in its tracks.

And, the “C” word?

That is actually reserved for women over 40… It makes younger girls look O so ridiculous to use that, and it plays into the male fantasy of hurling that word at BABES they are never going to be able to “do” in the first place, no?

Because, what all of them were actually talking about was how much they actually… well, you know…dug Palin’s whole gig.

And the reason they are talking about her in the first place is because she is powerful.  She has tremendous charisma for a really huge demographic in this country.  HUGE.

Like all those little townships?

All those bitter little types clinging to their guns and their various religions?

Instead what we could talk about is how the intelligentsia in this country (real actual liberal progressives who were Democrats until this election) — is thinking THIS about now!

Because you see, when that “fuck-you” finger was given twice — on television?

Everybody saw it.  All over the world.  And so?

It was like giving the finger to these guys, too!  Believe me…

Italy’s Berlusconi, Russia’s Medvedev meet

And so you see, every action creates its opposite — reaction.  Like this:

Pleasanton family’s home targeted by anti-Obama vandalism

And, umm…

McCain and Palin were a better choice in the absence of Hillary Clinton.  Any sophisticated Democrat knew that.  The narcissism only goes so far, doesn’t it?  In fact, all the world leaders are aware of it.  And they don’t like the arrogance much, either.

So, all you Junior Democrats?  In your haste to line up under a logo, and publicly trash a Governor?

I wouldn’t do that if I were you.  My sense is that you are going to rue the day John McCain isn’t at that tiller, steering this ship we call a country.  With Palin.

It’s so sad that your gen thinks the world operates on logos only…

It doesn’t.