Day: November 2, 2008

Of Prairies and Pumas and fires, and a Democratic Party that DESERVES DESERTION post Hillary in 2008!

Oh, there is a fire in the belly of the PUMAclan, all right — across every state in the United States.  Puma is going to tell the Democratic Party to go eff itself this year.  The lesser of two evils is how we will vote — for the first time.  I can tell you this, no PUMA is ever going to take the Democratic Party at face value ever again.  We wanted Hillary.  Our payback is McCain.  That is how pumas O’s age feel.  We are a very huge contingent of people too, in all skin colors and every single gender in the book.  Most of us are Dems from way back.  We never had to doubt our political party till this year.  Now we can no longer trust it.  Period.

You know how they put out fires?  With backfires!  So think of some of us like that — a fiery forcefield of feminist voices ready to burn down the misogyny we have witnessed, the marxist slant, the far lefters, the communists, the socialists, the pie dividers, the racists, the anti-woman, anti-Hillary part of the big pack who call themselves Democrats.

Payback has arrived.  You didn’t care for us, and we are over 18,000,000 strong.  We didn’t go to campobama because we didn’t like his politics, his attitude, his smugness, arrogance and the types he planned to install (or installed) around him.  We didn’t like his waffling, his lies, his non-stances, his press censorship, his fund raising overseas, his gaffes, his lines, his rewrites, his staffers, his logo.  We just plain don’t like him.  Period.

When a huge contingent of his own political party doesn’t like or trust him?  What more do you have to know?

McCain hasn’t lied to us, insulted us or thrown us away, nor has he had to court us.

For many he WAS the choice once our candidate Hillary was GONE.  That was that.

On Tuesday, the country is going to vote — and we will vote against the UNKNOWN, non-birth certificate providing, fake presidential seal designing, most misogynistic candidate we have ever seen in our lifetimes.  We will vote against the candidate who allowed censorship, who allowed vile lyrics against Hillary and McCain, who never said one effing thing to stop any of that.  We see you as classless, tasteless and vile.

And, we are deserting you this year, Democratic Party.  That’s right, you told us you didn’t need us back then and you were right, you didn’t.  But I think you are going to be really surprised at the bigness of the PUMAbackfire.  You can’t fool a PUMA with a bunch of blustery rhetoric and bogus arrogance.

See ya! in 2012… when Hillary Clinton is back where she belongs and umm, your Senator has done a little work for this country, like say in the SENATE!

That’s the real reason we can trust McCain — he has already PAID HIS DUES!  Working. For America.


Voting NON -DEMOCRATIC for the first time, ever, in 2008.

Voting Non-Democratic until the Democrats are reformed by McCain.

Voting Non-Democratic to see McCain’s corps investigate the fraud machine and prosecute it…..