Day: October 30, 2008

What John McCain and Republicans can learn from Democrats who are leaving the party in 2008, post Hillary…

Much has been made of the big movement of people calling themselves PUMAS this year.  Since I have never voted for a Republican so far in my life, since Reagan, and I am an educated, green-minded, pro-choice liberal, why would I be going McCain?  Simple.

1.  I was pro-Hillary because of her long tenure of service to Democratic party ideals.

2.  I watched her be savaged by the media, bloggers, and trolls as well as men who would never cast a vote for a woman, and worst of all– other women in media.  It was disgusting.

3.  Women leaders of the Democratic Party had a chance this year to support her, and they didn’t.  In order to advance women leaders I will be voting for Palin.  Strictly on the glass ceiling concept.  It matters little to me what her stance on Roe v Wade is, because I believe John McCain is intelligent enough not to tamper with it — in light of the fact that he once said he wouldn’t put millions of women at risk.

4.  In a nutshell, the Democratic Party I pledged my allegiance to in the 80’s is no longer a party I can recognize in terms of core values.  I can list a few grave concerns I have about its new direction by simply naming the names involved: Ayers, Wright, Rezko, Soros, Pelosi, Brazile et al.  It’s a party whose allies and allegiances I’m not clear about.  There are also big concerns about the funds being raised overseas and where they are coming from.  And the “gentleman’s agreement” with McCain wasn’t honored when it should have been.

5.  When France calls the Democratic Party’s choice “naive” like this:

Sources Say Sarkozy Finds Obama’s Iran Policy ‘Arrogant,’ ‘Utterly Immature’

I sense that world leaders are secretly laughing at the Democratic Party. So are Democrats.  We have never seen anything quite like this year, or this arrogance, ever.

6.  With the economy tanking, millions unemployed, more being laid off by day — a huge recession looming — America simply doesn’t have the time for candidates who are vain enough to create faux seals for themselves.  All the world leaders laughed heartily at that one, we are quite certain.   So are most Americans who have been electing Presidents for some time now.

8.  When a Democratic Vice President informs the country that it is about to be tested by the world at large and begs for support — that does nothing to inspire any confidence in the electorate trying to shift gears after the last eight years.  John McCain inspires nothing but confidence and calm intelligent leadership.

9.  Some view it as an interesting sign that Republicans are abandoning their own party this year.  Democrats leaving for McCain see that as a very positive sign for us.  It shows us that McCain is not exactly different from Hillary on the basics.

10.  John McCain is worldly, very bright and an American hero who has been fighting corruption in Washington for years.  He knows the ropes and has served America.  He will never be an underdog in our eyes — in fact, in 2000, many of us might have voted for him because of his integrity.  Like you Republicans, perhaps this year we have noticed how bloated Government is and how ineffectual.  Reform is an appealing concept for us, especially since we are witnessing the most corrupt election we have ever seen.

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