Day: October 24, 2008

Biden, Obama, Ayers — “American Communism” the “Prairie Fire Edition” — now the Che posters make sense in Obama’s workers offices, Oh My… read the manifesto right here!

It’s just so all about the Weather Underground, no? I barely remembered them except they date from the era of things like the Symbionese Liberation Army and the Tate Murders. Well. They are still alive and functioning up in Chicago, can you believe it? Thank heavens for Uppity, my pal — the best little journo on the face of this earth.

I’m going to assume that you heard Joe Biden make that crack that soon America was going to be under attack. John McCain made a new ad about that — you can see it here:

Well, well, well. This gives new meaning to that word being bandied about regarding Socialism. Maybe the American Press is using the WRONG WORD! Maybe that WORD is COMMUNISM! And the whole time camp Obama has just been trying to fool everybody in America. He’s friends with Ayers! And Ayers has a radical manifesto that dates from way back in the 70’s. Right here:

Everything you need to know is right here in this book! All about all those Che posters and Ayers and Dorhn and their manifesto. One big fat ass Prairie Fire — for your consumption…courtesy of ZOMBIETIME who found the original and scanned it in.

Now, why would Biden have made a statement like that unless he knew something was up?

Don’t tell me. Biden knows Ayers? He might. Who knows at this point? But what matters is this!

You better read this little manifesto and get a sense of all the Che Posters that Obama supporters had in their offices. It looks like the Weather Underground has had something in mind all these years. You know, I hope the CIA and the FBI are on this. I really do. It matters. Here is the link:

Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism

Is that so? Well, no wonder this has been in the news lately regarding that little academic problem Ayers just had off the Chicago Trib:

Threats to Neb. university over Ayers detailed

There were threats against Ayers. Guess why? This little book “Prairie Fire” was dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan, according to the source above. In case you don’t know who that was, he killed Robert F. Kennedy.

Gee, I can’t help wondering why the Kennedy’s are so behind Obama as it is, considering this new fact…

But there is more from the Zombie Prairie Fire Link above!

Ayers’ Current Views

“…At the beginning of this essay, I wrote that William Ayers is a communist. And while I certainly have shown that he was a communist, has he changed his stripes since 1974? Has he ever renounced the ideologies he embraced in Prairie Fire (and elsewhere)?

In short: No. He still maintains the same belief systems. To this day, he sticks to the exact same phraseologies to describe his unchanged political philosophy.

This section explores William Ayers’ current beliefs about communist ideology. And why is this relevant? Because if he believed it in 1974, and still believes it in 2008, then he almost certainly continued to believe it in 1995-2006, the period during which Barack Obama had his associations with Ayers. There is no evidence whatsoever that Ayers went through some “right-wing phase” (which would have been totally out of character) nor had any diminuation of his political fervor. As far as anyone can tell, and according to Ayers himself, he has had a consistent and unchanged philosphy from the 1960s up until the present.

What this means is that William Ayers was a communist when Barack Obama associated with him.

So, let’s get to the evidence about whether or not Ayers has changed his views…”

Now, what makes this all really relevant is that Ayers has his idol Malcolm X plastered on the walls of his Academic office. One of his goals is to destroy “white patriarchy” — if you read the link above, and you check out the book he and his wife just wrote — the segue here is that Malcolm X is also one of Obama’s early mentors. Can you believe it?

So, what does Joe Biden know about all of this and why would he make a statement like he did, as regards a giant crisis looming and that Obama would be tested. Is he secretly in league with a plot to bring Communist ideals to our shores? He might be. Remember that trip overseas Obama took to Germany and how it was so secretive and he had his own little panel of advisors? We do. Was Ayers one of them?

Why hasn’t the American Media unpacked this particular story? Are they too scared? If they are you have to ask yourself, why? Remember that comment Hillary made when she was still in the running about how she was going to stick around in case the worst happened? I do. Did she know something that she just wasn’t telling us — the American People, back then? Because that university that was going to have Ayers speak got some very violent threats tossed its way, before his engagement was canceled.

This whole Democratic campaign has used a lot of really dirty tactics hasn’t it? Towards Hillary, towards women, towards a lot of different things. Democrats who called themselves PUMAS simply didn’t resonate with the BS coming from the Democratic Party. Did they?

Well, I know one thing. Nobody I know who is a PUMA Democrat would want to see Communism or Socialism come to America for real. That’s just not how we live here. It isn’t. This Ayers, Obama, Biden thing actually poses a very big threat for Americans right now.

More back story from the NYT in 2003:

Quieter Lives for 60’s Militants, but Intensity of Beliefs Hasn’t Faded

Perhaps the country does want all your heads on a platter.

Times are hard enough in this country right now, and none of you deserve to be involved with the leading of it. Your little fantasy has come true for millions of all kinds of Americans all over this country — but where were you when Corporate America pulled the stunts it has? What was your particular contribution to all of this. Let’s see, we’ve got Biden in the State of Delaware with all those interest credit card rates that threw everyone into this current tailspin. We’ve got Obama, fund raising illegally overseas and not disclosing names. We’ve got his backer, Soros — does he fit with your ideology Ayers? Well? Ayers, why don’t you explore the Treehouse foods and Kerry connection at La Junta– it should be right up your anti-corporate Communist alley, no? Your friends know all about that. In fact they profited from it!

Or how about all that GM modified corn for your little Prairie Fire? All that ethanol money your pal takes that is killing off the food chain and the bees? You’re just a sell out, like your friends.

And the Che thing? Read this, and think about it deeply:

The Left has destroyed anti-nuclear proliferation

“…In a sane world every responsible nation and political party would pull together to keep the nuclear genie bottled up tight. By that standard we are not living in a sane world.

Nuke proliferation is now out of control, and our Democrats have been the biggest saboteurs in that massive civilizational failure. The second party of sabotage has been Europe, ruled by socialist elites; the third and fourth have been the United Nations and Russia, which is supplying nuclear technology to Iran. Anti-proliferation has been constantly undermined and sabotaged by the domestic and international Left.

The entire anti-proliferation effort has therefore been sabotaged and probably ruined by the Left. For what reason? There can be only one rational reason: A lust for power, even at the expense of national and international safety and peace. But the Left has irrational reasons as well, including an unfathomable hatred for adulthood in the face of mortal danger. Like the Cold War, this is a battle between the adolescent rage of the Left and the realistic adult decision-making of the mainstream — a mainstream which is now tenuously maintained only by conservatives in the West.

Barack Obama represents the revolt against reality in contemporary politics. He is the ultimate fantasy candidate, the Savior who appears from nowhere to rescue the poor and helpless and intellectually impaired among us. That is the source and essence of his appeal. His backers, from ACORN to Ayers to Soros, are profoundly driven by otherwordly fantasies. They are the perfect secular parallels to the Armageddon regime of Tehran.

This election pits adults against children even more than usual. The adults are called “conservatives.” The Left significantly finds its affirmation in the songs it teaches to toddlers. It is just another sign that Leftists are always tempted to abandon adult reality whenever they think they can get away with it.

National security is the greatest adult responsibility of the American president. It always requires making tough and often unpopular decisions. John McCain and Sarah Palin are obviously qualified to do so. Obama and Biden are classical Leftists.

You think about it. Who is Biden? Who is Obama? Who is Ayers? Who is Soros?
I’d say, there is one way out of this. Use your vote to nuke an ideology that doesn’t belong on our shores. I have this real sense of why John McCain is angry at Obama — especially during the debates. John McCain, as an American, would never want Communism here. He was fighting it in Vietnam. And now? He’s fighting the Obama version right here on our own soil.
And Joe Biden? Why did he make those comments he did, anyway. Do you actually want to vote for a Vice President who acts like an imbecile? I doubt it.

I really doubt it.

After reading about Ayers and his little manifesto, it’s going to shed new light for you on why no American should ever cast a vote the Democratic Party’s way in 2008.

But, we of the PUMAtribe already knew that, didn’t we?


It was Lenin who famously told his Chekist thugs in Moscow that “The West are wishful thinkers. We will give them what they want to think.” The Soviet Empire lies in ruins today, but the psychology of the Left has not changed one little bit….”