Day: October 16, 2008

John McCain’s trusty TRUTH vs anti-Americanism Inc.

Last night in the last debate John McCain called out the lie the Democratic Party has tried to pull on America.  I never thought I’d hate the political party I gave my allegiance to back in the 1980’s — but this year I do.

I have no trust and no faith in Democracy.  I watched the Democratic Party CHEAT in 2008.  I’ve been watching for a long time as all of the events have unfolded one by one.  I’ve watched the Press try and slant the election, and the media.

Last night in the last debate John McCain finally called Obama out.  Obama was afraid to meet John McCain in all those little town halls where Americans might have gotten to know both of them.   Instead he hides, thinking he is basking in media glory by being arrogant.   What he doesn’t understand is that he’s transparent to most Americans.  That great big middle core of people who use their educations and plain common sense to do what is right when faced with an anti-American  political regime trying to take root here.

One of the first problems was all the Che Guevara his supporters had hanging around:

So, what is wrong with Che?  It’s about Dictatorship, not the American Presidency.

I did a series on political propaganda you can read here, because of the use of his “glittering generalities” — that herald something very questionable in a political campaign.

PROPAGANDA and political regimes…what does it look like? Let’s go and see…

That series starts above and goes through May the 3rd.  I had seen an article in the LA Times by Meghan Daum on this, who questioned whether it was just Art of something more.  My conclusion?  Something more.  We’ve never seen that here before until this year.  My sense is that John McCain has seen through it too.  Any educated American would.  But what are we going to label it?  Communism?  Totalitarianism?  Fascism?

These videos tell the tale about “organizing” the youth, who he target-marketed to in the web…

And, then we have the recent Missouri  “truth squads” to suppress free speech. no?

This election isn’t about the Presidency, anymore.  Or about being a Democrat or a Republican.

It’s about being an American, and who you can trust to run the country.  For me, that is McCain on this alone:

GOP files FEC complaint about Obama’s fundraising

Oct 6, 2008

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican National Committee filed a complaint Monday alleging that Democrat Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has received illegal contributions from foreigners and donations that exceed federal limits.

The complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission is based largely on media reports, including one from a conservative news Web site that suggests donors who listed their state as “IR” may have been from Iran. In FEC reports, the designation “IR” typically stands for “information requested” because the donor did not supply it.

In the complaint, the RNC asks the commission to audit Obama’s campaign fund to determine whether it has violated the law by accepting money from non-citizens and whether individual donors have exceeded contributions to the campaign.

Obama’s campaign declined to comment.

Federal law prohibits contributions from foreign nationals, and individuals are limited to contributions of no more than $2,300 per election.

Though federal law required campaigns to identify only donors who contribute in excess of $200, McCain’s Web site lists all donors to his campaign. Independent watchdog organizations have asked the Obama campaign to do the same; it has not.

Obama’s campaign, which is not accepting public financing for the general election, has raised more than $468 million. About half has come from small donors, a point of pride for the campaign…”

It is extremely problematic to know that Obama lied to John McCain early on about this.  McCain brought that up last night in the debate.  Here is something I looked at back in February on the FEC.

What’s the FEC got to do with it? It’s closed? Really? Ralph Nader and Michael Moore should be on this…

Look at this piece from National Journal’s The Gate:

“Obama, meanwhile, also faces pressure. Smith noted Obama “can be accused of using his Senate position to lock up the FEC to the detriment of his likely general election opponent.”

In an editorial Monday, the Wall Street Journal observed that if Obama is “promising to end partisanship in Washington… here’s a place to start: He could stop playing politics with the [FEC] in a way that could hamper John McCain’s campaign against, well, Mr. Obama.”

Obama’s Senate office did not respond to calls for comment Monday.

-Dan Friedman, CongressDaily”

Other very problematic videos have surfaced about the people from Chicago he is involved with:

I really resent as an American that Obama has bent the rules, and his promises.  I resent his lies to John McCain.  I resent the really anti-American types he is involved with in Chicago.  I resent what he allows in his name to happen towards women.  First Hillary, and now Sarah Palin.  I know one thing.  I have NO TRUST in OBAMA after what I have seen.  NONE.

This isn’t a Democrat.  It’s a political regime, that he has hatched.  It looks a little like Communism, a little like Socialism and a little like Fascism.

It’s creepy. Very creepy.  And frankly I really hope as an American that we have the CIA investigating the overseas donations he has received.  Who knows what countries they came from?  He lied to John McCain and he has lied to America.  These lies, I feel, will be his downfall.

Because we have already seen that he thumbs his nose at decency here.

I never thought in my lifetime I’d need to vote for a political party because I was worried about my country.

This year I am voting that way.  It’s like a con game I’ve been watching and the American media has given him a free pass.  In their haste they have bypassed telling the truth to Americans.  It’s a sad day when they would do that, in my opinion.

I want the trusty truth, in John McCain.  He’s not lying to the American People.

I felt a lot of comfort last night watching the debate.  McCain is telling the truth to America.  Obama was a talking head, nothing more.  I watched a documentary on PBS the other night on the two candidates — one has served for years in our government, the other?  It’s the associations, and the corrupt ties, and the money, and the doublespeak, and the propaganda.  It’s the voter fraud.  It’s the FEC.

We don’t vote for messiahs in America.  We vote for presidents.

It’s about character this year, versus a lie.