Day: October 7, 2008

When does a Democrat leave their Party? 2008 — the year it became the Party of Liars and Frauds…

And we thought 2000 was bad.

This is the year we had a chance in Hillary Clinton, to try and restore order and civility in our nation, after eight years of a free-for-all the likes many of us have never seen.

Then we watched, as our own Party and the Media savaged our candidate.  Ignored our votes, ignored our voices.  We watched pigs inside the Democratic Party tell us we weren’t necessary to their goals.  Well?

VOTER Fraud?  It can’t get much worse than that, can it?

The Democratic Party has shown us what it stands for.  F-R-A-U-D.

Here is more back story:

Planting Seeds of Disaster

ACORN, Barack Obama, and the Democratic party.

You realize, of course, leaders of the Democratic Party — that you are all implicated in this taint, don’t you?  Your reputations are at stake for what you did to Hillary Clinton and who you put in her place.

Do you think we want to be part of a Party that could pull a stunt like this?

We don’t.  One look into the back story and all you see is FRAUD and taint — from the Chicago Politics, to the Rezkos, voter fraud with ACORN, the Alinsky tactics…

What I want to know, as a California Democrat is how could you do this?  You have sullied the name of the Democratic Party and of every person who considered themselves a Democrat.  How could you support this Lois Capps?  How could you support this Dianne Feinstein.  How could you support this Barbara Boxer?

What have you done in the year 2008, as Democratic Women?

I can’t ally with you, or with this.  Look what you have done.  Today, look at Ohio and what is going on up there.

Registration effort drives new types of voters to Toledo-area polls

Registration questions

“…The flood of new voters, such as the homeless and university students who may have school addresses and home addresses in another county or state, has Republicans questioning not their right to vote but whether they are properly registered

John McClelland, a spokesman for the Ohio Republican Party, said the process doesn’t have the safeguards to prevent voter fraud. “Ohio was not set up to be a same-day registration state,” Mr. McClelland said.

The party has accused Ms. Brunner of showing her partisan colors by not requiring boards of election to allow partisan observers, as are allowed on Election Day.

“I think there is the potential that people could register either under a false name or under a false address, and there is a question whether the boards of elections are going to have the opportunity or the time to verify those registrations,” Mr. McClelland said.

“Though we hear there are safeguards in place to keep these same-day registration voters somewhat separate from other ballots, we’re not so sure that’s happening, especially in the urban counties,” he said…”

Do you think that voter fraud is okay in our minds, Democratic Party?

Do you?

Do you think that this is okay with Democrats who voted YOU in YEARS ago?

Dead man registers in Indiana (video). More fraud linked to ACORN.

Do you have any idea what you have endorsed?  How could you?

Voter-Fraud Chaos

“…Election Day this year may bring the kind of chaos you expect from a category-five hurricane – with radical groups sending the nation into a protracted legal battle even worse than the mess back in 2000. To prevent it, we must act now.

Developments in several states create the possibility that the 2008 vote could result in “Election Month,” rather than Election Day. Court rulings on various absentee-voting procedures – along with early voting and other new forms of balloting – open the door to widespread abuses that could undermine the election. The possibility of voter fraud or voting irregularities on a massive scale could provide a multistate repeat of Florida 2000.

A perfect example is Ohio. Last Monday the Ohio Supreme Court, in a 4-3 decision, interpreted Ohio law to allow for people to register to vote and cast an absentee ballot on the same day.

(As the three dissenters noted, this directly contradicts Ohio’s Constitution, which requires that a person register to vote 30 days in advance of actually casting that vote. But the Ohio Supreme Court is the last word on Ohio state law.)

So now the Obama campaign is using buses to take thousands of people to go register and cast same-day votes. Some media reports say that the Obama camp hopes to get tens of thousands of votes this way…”

I don’t expect Nancy Pelosi to be a decent Democrat.  Not any more.

But you?  I had faith in you as my elected representatives.  And you have cheated me this year.  You have cheated me out of Hillary Clinton and tried to stuff a fraudulent cheat on me instead.  Do you have any idea how that feels?

Ohio Voter Fraud: Accusations Obama Stealing Ohio, William Ayers and Charles Keating

Take a look at your candidate, Democratic Party.

More Bogus Obama Donors Surface

Donations Made Between July and Early August

You have been my Political Party since the Reagan years. I believed in you, and look what you have done.  Do you have any idea what fools you look like?

Not just in America, but to the rest of the world?  You have endorsed lying and cheating.  So, I’m leaving the Party for McCain and the Republicans.  I know who he is, and I trust who he is, and when he gets to Washington I hope he turns you inside out for this.  In my estimation you are all nothing but a pack of cheats and liars.

Dem group backing McCain

Prominent Hillary Clinton supporter helps open Democrats for McCain headquarters in Scranton.

“What it came down to was that I decided I love my country more than my party,” de Rothschild said, explaining her support of Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin. “I’m really worried. I do not want (Obama) in the White House.”

De Rothschild, 54, said she sees Northeast Pennsylvania – specifically Luzerne and Lackawanna counties – as the key to winning Pennsylvania’s 21 electoral votes. And, she said, whoever wins Pennsylvania will likely become the next president.

“Barack Obama has never had the mandate of Democrats,” she said. “And Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi ignored the 18 million people that voted for Hillary Clinton. They can’t be surprised at the 5 million to 7 million Clinton supporters who are now supporting McCain.”


You deserve nothing but contempt from the voting public.

You deserve nothing but contempt from people who supported the Party for years.

You disgust me for allowing a thing like this to happen to the Political Party I gave my loyalty to long ago.  How could you do this?  How could you?

How could you allow it, and how can you even look at yourselves in the mirror?