Day: August 31, 2008

Mighty McCain and Palin already at the helm together! In the face of the hurricane…

I feel very positive about John McCain and Sarah Palin and I’ll tell you why! First, they have the same code of ETHICS.

This is a kind of MORAL CODE (in my opinion) we need around Washington at this time. What I feel in my heart about McCain is that he has so much dignity Washington is trembling on the eve of this convention he may forsake due to another scary hurricane that is about to hit the New Orleans area.

He and Palin have already been down there!

This shows incredible character to me. I told you I read his book “Faith of My Fathers” — and if you want to know about him, read him!

Someplace I read that he once said that the Presidency was the “loneliest job in the world” — and he is right.

In my opinion we need our dignity back, and McCain is going to do that. I don’t see his pick of her as a cagey move…maybe it was, but, I think he picked her because he saw in her someone he could work with who was on his level.

McCain already knows about Global Warming. We all have since the 1970’s. We all knew about what Global Overpopulation was going to cause as well, and now that time has come. Ecopsychology, and Ecotherapy are emerging fields. We, globally, have to take the world into account now, as a Gestalt, in terms of the food chain, pollution, and so forth. I think it’s great that other countries want to preserve their Nationalism, in terms of the food they grow and their art and architecture. Rather than sending more overseas, McCain will bring it HOME! He has PLANS in place, right now, to do that.

I think the last eight years have been very stressful for Americans. It’s been like a free-for-all? You have these very corrupt types at the helm of a lot of places — and those are the places to reform first.

When I think about Alaska, I think about Jack London and White Fang. I’ve never seen Alaska, but, in myth only the hardiest survive there. This is what Sarah Palin’s core mythology is! It has to do with GRIT! and stamina — not just the weather, but a lot of things.

Once I knew an artist from Alaska who was down here mounting a show of his pottery. He told me a story about how people freeze to death up there from exposure to the elements, so, all these little shelters have been built for travelers where they can take refuge in case they are caught out? I always remembered that!

So, immediately what I like about these two together has to do with GRIT and FORTITUDE.

Something very STRONG emanates from both of them. But it is a quiet strength, and a serious strength — and to me, one that will garner tremendous respect, not just here but worldwide.

Another funny thing is that she totally resonates with the notion of Teddy Roosevelt’s “Bull Moose Party” — because, she is actually from the land of the Bull Moose!

So, I think we all are representatives of the States we are from in America, and the places we call home or feel rooted in. My state California is called “The Golden State” because of our state flower, the California poppy, and also because in Summer we have these vast areas of hills that turn gold when the grasses die back. Our flag has the Bear, a brown bear! We are a big state, with landscape galore!

But like Alaska, Arizona, and California…

What you get in all this landscape is the MIND of the West, which is a pioneering mind.

I think Teddy Roosevelt was the last President with that sort of vision?

And now McCain and Palin will be like that, together! Plus, she will offer a feminine way to complement his masculine logic — he can bounce ideas off her with ease, and she wouldn’t be afraid of him? I bet they could argue a point but come to a conclusion very quickly together, and that alone is a great thing!

It wouldn’t have worked for the Dems this year. Because the ticket was too nasty, overall. Hillary Clinton is so strong, she will be an ally to McCain, in the Senate. My sense is that Palin and Hillary are similar in temperament? And the fab McCain likes them both!

So far, we have seen how they act in a crisis? Our potential First Lady went overseas! Senator McCain issued a statement about Georgia, and now he and Palin are in the hurricane’s territory! That’s action. That’s change I do believe I can believe in.

On that note, a fab California poet, Kenneth Rexroth with some poems about the Western sensiblity from an online mag called: