Day: August 30, 2008

Here a puma, there a puma, everywhere a Pumafemme! (searching! for the catclan!)…

So, by now major media must realize that the PUMAS simply are the election 2008!  (Yes. We. Are.)…

And, we are going against the PARTY GRAIN this year, because the DEMOCRATIC PARTY let us down and now, it’s going to be like Teddy Roosevelt in 1912.  C’est vrai, and there is nothing the Dems can do about it, especially after Senator McCain picked a WOMAN! as his running mate.  We liked him already, anyway!

What we don’t like is the shambles our old PARTY is now in… but, I’ll tell you one thing — no snippy little op-eds like this one are going to change our minds now.  This is going to be the year of REFORMS! around Washington.  BIG REFORMS, TEDDY ROOSEVELT style.  If you could see the number of searches behind the scenes for pumas of all stripes it would boggle your mind.  Everyone is also looking for BETSY ROSS!  Which I find ironic, however — they are!

PUMA POLITICAL ACTION IS HUGE!  The clearing house for all of this is over at Riverdaughter’s and here is that link, because you will want to bookmark it.   She has links into all the important places and people, and fab writing up everyday!  What she created has been a HAVEN for Democrats, women, feminists and assorted pumapeople of all genders, colors, and histories … including MEN!  (Who are PUMAS) & gay people!

She’s FAB and she ought to be in politics!  Here is that link!


(the muse below was m’self when I had a blog in the G, ages ago…but I decided to be my paper lantern because when I used to have a web domain I used that as a symbol for the literary red light district, ahem…)

I have adored paper lanterns since I was very young.  Before my mother took us to the beach as children she used to stop at this store called “The Balinese Shop” and it had one in the window that was so large I have never forgotten it.  It also had the face of a SUN on it, sort of archaic and alchemical…

I love paper lanterns.  Always have, always will!

Alphonse Mucha
Art: Alphonse Mucha ~ a french graphic designer circa 1890’s ~ and one of my faves since the 1970’s!…………..