Day: August 13, 2008

Senator John McCain, another deepfireside chat and a petite theory from a psychotherapist on war…

First there are important posts for you from riverdaughter and NQ.  All you have to do is pass your cursor over them and click because these are the headlines…both of these relate to PUMAS as regards our mindset…in terms of this corruption in Washington.

Wednesday: Maelstrom

The last time woman took charge

The last time woman took charge

The atmosphere is pretty charged lately, isn’t it? Are you hanging in there? It’s going to get increasingly stormy as immovable object meets irresistable force. The party is so determined to install Obama that is willing to tear itself to shreds before our very eyes to do it. And all this self destruction for what purpose? So Hillary Clinton will never be president? What’s that all about anyway? Will we ever understand why the powers that be want to squash her?

(This next read is from No Quarter!)

Breaking Investigative Report: Bought and Paid For! By Nancy Pelosi

Senator McCain, I want you to know that I am completely loyal to you.  After the events of this election I’m really scared.  Really scared.  I’m just a citizen, but, yesterday as I walked the beach I was thinking and I had sort of a quantum leap about something.  I’m going to pass it your way in the hopes that someone will pass it to you.

I’ve mentioned before that I was in a writer’s group in the web for several years back in the early part of the 2000’s.  As I said, almost none of the writers were writing heterosexual material.  Some of the content in the stories being written was incredibly troubling to me as a therapist.  Actually, the plot lines in some of the stuff was horrific.  Especially the sadistic stories.  Evil.  I began to wonder about the psyches of the writers and how they might be coming up with this kind of imaginal material?  So, I embarqued on a large research project and investigated internet pornography.  What I found was that all of the contents of Krafft-Ebing’s “Psychopathia Sexualis” seemd to have been released into the world  in real life!  Yikes!

At this exact time the war had just started and those prisoner pictures had come out.  I once reported this one place I had seen to Diane Saywer.  Because it was so awful.  Well here is my thought Senator McCain?

It may seem odd but, suppose that men in the middle east (who didn’t speak english) had seen that pornography of all those bound, gagged and tortured women?  When I first saw them I emailed my grad school!  So, fast forward to those prisoners.  We would look like barbarians?  Those pictures and that stuff that Lyndie did?  It was the same kind of stuff.

Are the women being veiled because the men want to protect them?

Could it be that in a society that seems to revere women at least in its Sufi and Rumi poetry have viewed the West in BRUTAL PICTURES and gotten certain ideas about us via imagery?  Without language?

And then it happened!  In that prison.  Proving that Americans do things to people like those pictures!

Do you have somebody who could ask that question in their language?  Because I was thinking about why war happens in the first place.  Ideology?  Money?  Fear?  Control?

Why is everyone so mad right now?  There must be a reason.

Imagine if you had the web for the first time and was exposed to something like that?

If you lived in a little village and valued YOUR TRIBES women?

You would put your women in tents too, wouldn’t you?

Because in the 70’s it wasn’t like this.  Why are we in the Crusades right now all over again?

And this new thing over in Russia.  I found a folk tale about the Russian psyche that may be of help in figuring out why all this war is happening.  At my grad school we looked at things from a mythic stance.  Given the HOPI prophecy and the cave paintings in that film in Mesa Verde area?  It looks like those chador and hijab things the women wear.

Did the women see something that made them so mad that they have become what they have become?

Was it a level of decadence in imagery that they were exposed to that scared them as much as it scared me?

It was bad.  Even for my eyes.  I alerted my school!  I have a DUTY TO WARN!  I am also highly trained, so this is  my attempt at making an intervention.  All one would need to do is ask the men over there!

Anyway, I just love the fact that you acted as you have in the last few days.  It was like Winston Churchill or something seeing you act!  No Quarter had your statement up.  I can’t tell you how safe I feel, and hopefull for world peace if you take the helm at this time.

Here is that fable from  Russia:

Tsarevitch Ivan, the Fire Bird
and the Gray Wolf1

Senator McCain, if anybody is going to get us out of this mess it is going to be you.  I have nothing but faith in you, and your honor, and I’m going to send this to Colin Powell too.