Day: June 23, 2008

The feminist way, part 1! (or, don’t hold your breath DNC)…

You just saw one of our mother’s role models in that clip above.

You don’t have much insight into what the Second Wave feminists are about.

Do you?

This was another of my mother’s role models…

What you have just done to Hillary Clinton is unforgivable in our eyes.  Unforgivable.

Democratic men who call themselves male are about the worst examples of the male species I’ve seen yet, starting with the Comb-over king, and all the rest on down the line.  Choosing a new political party right now is just as easy as choosing a new partner.

I like the way the Republican Party treats their women.  And I like John McCain, as well.

I read the Salon piece last night, and is this writer ever wrong.  You wish you hadn’t lost our vote.  You will rue the day that you hurled insults at our candidate Hillary Clinton.  I will never cast another vote for a Democrat again.  Not one of you.  As for the women leaders in my old Party?  Why have you done nothing to help the poor in places like Katrina and elsewhere?  You make me sick.  Every single one of you.  You have failed to uphold all the principles of what we all believed in once.  We’re Barack’s generation of people.  This part of the tail end of the baby boom?  It’s giant.

If we resurrect the boycotts we learned about as children from our older Feminist sisters?

You will see empires crumble.  That is how much power our movement had in the 70’s when we wanted to protest the war in Vietnam.  And now, we are protesting the treatment of one of our own.  Our Hillary Clinton.  She will never martyr herself after what you have done, and neither shall we.

Listen up Madison Ave.  You are about to see what non-brand loyalty looks like.

Welcome to the Sisterhood.  We travel in 501’s.