Day: June 18, 2008

Pumagrams for fellow friends o’pumas (It’s too late)!

Because we saw the HATE. A Puma will never vote for somebody filled with so much hate — this is some music we listened to as little kids… plus fantastic news for pumas concerned with Roe v Wade watch and John McCain’s stance on that from a journalist off Soda Head… via heartpuma

“…In a 1999 interview with the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board, McCain said, “I would not support repeal of Roe v. Wade, which would then force X number of women in America” to undergo “illegal and dangerous operations…”

This is heartwarming news Senator McCain, and because of this, the oil drilling will be okay! (but promise you won’t do nuclear, and instead solar and wind and water power?)

You see, part of the whole mess up in this campaign was a complete misunderstanding of the demographic mix, wasn’t it? Alas, mistakes you made cannot be repaired now. You have insulted one of the biggest demographics on the planet, and now? Don’t expect our votes, because we aren’t going to.

You see, we are Independent voters, and we tend to choose the best candidates for our country regardless of how they market themselves, or how old they are. Brand means nothing to us. We wanted Hillary Clinton for a reason! And we so hate corporate America. Don’t we? The singer below above? — her songs taught us junior pumas how to be feminists, once… and unlike you, we are filled with love!

Great edits here from National Review “Wife Lessons.

No plans to help Hillary, huh? Nope. We have NO RESPECT for you for that.

“…Obama then made trouble for himself by offering a comment many saw as snarky. “You’re likable enough, Hillary,” he said. Obama insisted later that he intended it as a “gesture of graciousness.” Gestures of graciousness shouldn’t have to be explained…”

And umm, if you really want to know how we feel check in with PAJAMAS MEDIA right here.

The piece is called “If Michelle Obama Isn’t Racist, What is She?

Don’t miss that read above, especially for all the links and this graf:

“…Oh, I’m not saying that Michelle Obama’s a racist. On the contrary, her husband’s campaign seems to value white people. Why, just two months ago when Mrs. Obama spoke at a rally on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania her staff rearranged the crowd’s seating so a white person could have an Asian woman’s spot. “Get me more white people,” one of her event coordinators said. “We need more white people…”

My generation all grew up together, and went to school together, and frankly, until you came along? We all liked each other. I think we still do, because I think my country can transcend you.

See some proof. I love this song, so here we go again, and yes, you better save it for later…

Now, I dedicate these two to Colin Powell and John McCain.