Day: May 28, 2008

Their gen, my gen, your gen. From the 60’s radicals…to now, some thoughts about activism and why a logo might be a bad thing for Generation Target-Market…

Well, this morning over at one of my favorite blogs, No Quarter, there was a post up about how Tom Hayden supports Obama.  Hayden comes from that generation of activists who were anti-war.  The Vietnam war.  My question is, what sort of activism has he been doing in regards to Greens of late?  What about this war?  We don’t see anything like the level of protests that went on back then, do we?

My sense is that Hayden would still be anti-war.  So many are, here, now.  But?  (And this is just practical) Don’t we need somebody at the helm who could actually end it?  I think that’s the Clintons.  It’s just practical.  They already know how to do that.  Hillary Clinton is younger than Hayden.  He was born in 1939.  Way older than I, except, so many of us from Obama’s generation were anti-war, too, weren’t we?

The massive social movements rocked, rolled and reeled their way through the 70’s, depending on where you lived.  Yesterday, we talked about Hippies and Yippies and Yuppies a little.  Today, we’ll talk about the big sell out, by the radicals of old.  It’s a curious thing to see history repeat itself, but, who is protesting what?  Why?  And where is it leading?

First, this is a brief summary from National Review in order to revisit the era of the 60’s — mostly so you can see (or remember, or learn about) who some of these figures were that you are reading about now, and they are also in the wikipedia.  A really good movie to watch is called “Coming Home” — Jane Fonda was in that, and it is all about the Vietnam War, soldiers and veterans.  It will give you an idea of what the times looked like, then.  Here is that article about Hayden and the Radicals. It’s called “Obama, the Closer.”

Obama is constanly trying to wash his hands of the Baby Boom.  But, actually, he’s part of it.  Like me, tail-end.  This made the two of us closer to GenX.  If you think about the transition in the late 70’s early 80’s and you trace it through music, you can see the evolution of rock and roll into punk.  That’s my gen.  The radicals had started social activism, protests and feminism as movements.  Those things came true.  For the women of Hillary Clinton’s gen.  And beyond, into mine.  Down to your age bracket, except?  Maybe you feel cheated.

If you are under 30, or even mid thirties, I’m going to guess you’ve been on meds at some point in your life.  Maybe you got a fat diagnosis by somebody who called you ADHD or depressed.  Your generation had no social activism.  Your generation is like a “solo” deal.  More than likely you grew up glued to your computer?  Hayden’s gen, Hillary’s gen, and my gen didn’t.  Our lives were a lot freer.

Also, we knew how to think for ourselves, because in those days, we got fabulous educations.  We had really great teachers, and lots of money was spent on us, even if we went to public schools.  Probably, we had Liberal Arts educations, as undergrads.  Now, the Humanities are not being taught.  That is a horrible thing, and a sad thing.

Larry has a post up about rioting if Obama is not elected.  Well?  Why would you feel the need to riot about that?  We vote here.  There are three different people to vote for this time around.  You get a choice.  Two of them will lose.  That’s how it goes.

I would imagine that our government would step in to quell riots, if it came to that.  It’s not clear what the issue is though?  Would the riot be for ending the war?  Would the riot be for Black Power?  Would the riot be for a person?  It’s just not clear what the cause is.  One thing is very clear.  David Axelrod has orchestrated a massive target marketing campaign.  Because the techniques used are those from corporate America in  order to sell his client like a brand.

So you think about it.  Is a logo worth rioting for?  Is it the end of the war?  More war? Or do you just want to be able to vote for the person you want?

You are going to get that chance, or have already had it.  People from Obama’s generation know how important this election is to our country.  We all have our own thoughts about that.  Perhaps the answer to this is to let all three run in the fall.  Just assume there are three candidates on the ballot.  Then the U.S. could vote, “their way.”  Somebody will lose, that’s a given.  Somebody will win.  Nobody wants a candidate stuffed down their throats do they?  We vote here for a reason.  If that is changing, now, what sort of country do you think we will be living in?  I wanted Gore, and he lost to a hanging chad.

Here is that post from NQ, and the comments people made.  If this election weren’t so important or so historic you wouldn’t see so much dialogue, research, debate, argument or even fury.  Or satire.  Nobody can figure the damn thing out.  They just want who they want, and that’s it.

Super Delegates: Vote Obama or Else [UPDATED] »

Obamatons are making not so subtle threats against the Super Delegates–elect Obama or there will be blood in the streets. Leading supporters of Obama are the messengers of doom. Consider Tom Hayden, one of the mainstays of a group called “Progressives for Obama.” He was on NPR this week and said:

“If there were the theft of a nomination, if that was the perception of the Obama supporters, then probably there would be a ‘68 scenario.”

Theft. How in the hell is it theft? Neither Barack nor Hillary have won enough delegates to win the election. Barack has 1661 and Hillary has 1499. CNN maintains you need 2026 to win the nomination. So, you don’t have to be real smart to realize that both candidates do not yet have enough votes and will require the support of the Super Delegates in order to win. In other words, it is in the hands of Super Delegates.

Leave it to Barack’s folks to threaten race riots. Intimidation through the threat of violence, even race violence, is one of Obama’s insidious weapons in stampeding super delegates like a herd. Here’s a radical alternative. Let’s use reason and intelligence. Is that feasible?

For starters, Super Delegates should take a look at the terrific analysis presented by Peniel Cronin. Cronin uses cold hard facts to demonstrate that Hillary, not Barack, is most deserving of the support of the Super Delegates. She has won more votes and won more in states that will count for Democrats come the fall. I challenge any Obamaton to refute these facts. Please download and read: 2008caucusreport.pdf

But the Obama fantasy train wants passengers to believe that Hillary is behind. That Hillary cannot win. It is a damn lie. Read the rest

Thanks Axelrod.  You really pulled off a number here didn’t you?  On purpose, Alinsky-style.  But, I think you just thought the whole feminist vote was dead, babe.

Nope.  We already know who we want, just like you know who you want.  Keep threatening like this?  Did you really intend another Republican win?  You’ll get that.  From the comments alone on the blogs I frequent, that’s the trend du jour.

Some times we live in.  I guarantee you, though, this is definitely not the 1970’s.  We’ve all been through that already.  Haven’t we?  If you want to fight something, why don’t you fight those who target market to you?

If I were you?  I wouldn’t let them get away with it.  An artist I met in here called Flineo makes fab films commenting on this whole thing…here is the latest…