Day: March 29, 2008

New Video on Michigan…Voters Denied? Haven’t we seen these tactics before used against Al Gore?

Hat tip to NO QUARTER for the Video, and ummm…after reading the LAT piece on Mugabe over in Zimbabwe…

What does our American Democracy and “voting process” have to do with it?  EVERYTHING!

Barack Obama needs to quit screwing around with the American People.  Come clean on his religion, his pastors and this vote in Michigan, because this is bullshit.

Is he trying to pull off a Mugabe style corporate takeover of the Presidency?

It won’t work here.  Is that it David Axelrod?  Is this the monstrous mess YOU helped create here using Party Builder and Blue State Digital?

I think Al Gore would be a great person to weigh in with about now on the process of DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS IN AMERICA.

Democrats in America have not forgotten what happened the last time the election was tampered with, have we?