Day: March 11, 2008

A deeper look at David Axelrod’s understanding of racism in America, and taking Ferraro’s comment out of context– get the “proof” right here!

Axelrod, the marketing genius behind the Obama campaign needs to really take a look at his own feelings and comments about racism in America.  It looks like he can’t take the heat when he’s called on something that is true by Geraldine Ferraro.

See, one of the things young voters might not know is that Obama and Axelrod are fully aware that they can use his “race” as an issue in this campaign, and they have been.  The whole world is watching them do this, too.

Well start with Ferraro’s comment which has been blown up out of proportion, and taken out of context, too.  You can find that here, from the initial source over at The Daily Breeze.

You’ll need to read this short article to understand how Axelrod has spun his current message out of one quote.  What she is talking about is the media favoritism towards Obama, and that he is very “lucky” to be a black man right now running against a white woman, in this particular election. [Because he is the media’s darling — and they don’t like having a woman run for office]

What’s wrong with a true statement like that, by Ferraro?

It is a first, and everyone in the Democratic Party knows it, don’t they? We have two firsts in this historic election cycle.  Don’t we?

Let’s look at some of Axelrods’ and Obama’s own history and thoughts about his “race” in this candidacy — just to set the record straight, shall we? For truth’s sake, here.  I mean, you don’t think you’re being hoodwinked do you?  By these two?

We could start here, with an interview from NPR called “Backin Black” — you’ll read all about how Axelrod crafted the Obama marketing strategy precisely around the fact he was Black!  This is the “Yes,  we can.” part of it and it dates from 2003 according to this interview.  The stress was on the fact that Obama was the first “black” president of the Harvard Law Review.  Axelrod was already using “race” as part of the Obama campaign message even then.  If you read the whole interview you can get more of a grasp of Axelrod, too.

Now, here is more backstory on Axelrod in a great article by Christopher Hayes called “Obama’s Media Maven”

Apparently, it’s Axelrods’ “business” to get white supporters to elect black candidates.”  Hmmm.

“The hope for a politics of consensus is hardly new. It is the hope embodied in the plaintive, exasperated question asked by Rodney King during America’s last spasm of racialized violence: “Can’t we all get along?” Axelrod and Obama call it “a new kind of politics,” and in their imagining it is a rerun of the Washington race, but this time the empowerment can be shared across the racial divide. “

Yes, isn’t that the truth…and most Democrats who grew up in the shadow of the assasinations of the 60’s like Kennedy and Martin Luther King have been wishing for that, haven’t they?

Doesn’t it make sense then, when you look into Ferraro’s comment that this is why she calls Obama lucky?  She is correct.  It’s 2008.  Isn’t it?  For a “post-racial” candidate though, why is Obama still thinking about himself in this way? In terms of his racial identity?

Why would Obama make this statement as recently as 2006? Hmmm.  Read all about it here from The Nashua Telegraph .

Obama himself is admitting at the end of this article:

“Race is still a powerful force in this country,” Obama said.

Later, he downplayed votes could be cast against him due to the color of his skin.

“Are some voters not going to vote for me because I’m African-American? Those are the same voters who probably wouldn’t vote for me because of my politics,” he said.

You know, Obama is correct on this one.  It’s so not about the skin color when people don’t like him.  It is about his politics, isn’t it?

See, Axelrod and Obama both know race is a factor in this election.  How could they not coming from the area and political climate discussed in these articles.  It’s that “doublespeak” on things that worries a whole bunch of us “post-racial” Democrats.

If Obama and Axelrod were honest, perhaps they’d allow an open conversation with somebody like Geraldine Ferraro.  (That’s her wikipedia info. link)  See, Geraldine Ferraro was going to be vice president once wasn’t she?  That was 1984.  She was a “first” back then, just as Obama is a first right now, huh?

Democrats remember these things.  Yes. We. Do.

The biggest question is who is trying to “hoodwink” who?

Why is it that I keep feeling like Obama is the biggest fakir to come down the pike?  Must have something to do with that marketing campaign.  Wouldn’t it be better if he’d just fess up and be honest about himself and his strategies?

Democrats need that kind of honesty right now.  Don’t we?

We want to believe in our Party’s honesty, more than anything.