Day: March 10, 2008

Best article yet, on “The Brand that would be President” –

Comes from The Black Agenda Report.

It’s by Pam Martens, and it’s called:

“The Obama Bubble: Why Wall Street Needs a Presidential Brand”

“Those critical thinkers over at the Black Agenda Report have zeroed in on the making of the Obama bubble:

The 2008 Obama presidential run may be the most slickly orchestrated marketing machine in memory. That’s not a good thing. Marketing is not even distantly related to democracy or civic empowerment. Marketing is about creating emotional, even irrational bonds between your product and your target audience.”

And slick it is. According to the Obama campaign’s financial filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and aggregated at the Center for Responsive Politics, the Obama campaign has spent over $52 million on media, strategy consultants, image building, marketing research and telemarketing.”

Don’t miss that article.

On the flip side, you could read this from “The Atlantic” about why Obama’s face is so important when it comes to re-branding America.  What do you think?


Since when did it become necessary to “brand” our Presidents or our country?

Is it necessary?

I don’t want a president who is my age.  I want a president who is older.  I want a president who is more concerned with solving all the messes our country is in right now.


Isn’t going to do that for me.  Those of us that are Obama’s peers are looking at him very closely in this election.  Something like this?  Christ.

Read The Black Agenda report.  While Obama was “off the mainland” in the 70’s, a bunch of the rest of us read Malcom X.  This election is enough of a three ring circus as it is.  It seems that the world is laughing its head off right now, watching this whole process.

Who is going to bring the most dignity to the Presidency?

That is what matters most.

It doesn’t matter what the President’s face looks like.  It matters that the President knows what to do to solve all these problems, right now.  It matters that the President is not seen as a laughing stock, doesn’t it?  The way I see it there are three choices here.  A war hero, a woman, and a budding hip-hop star.

At least Hillary Clinton understands Malcom X’s era.  She was pretty radical for a young girl at Wellesley, once, and I think she is still hip and radical enough to do the biggest job there is.  I’m not alone either.  She’s also older than me.  It matters.  I’m tempted to post that great Flineo video I saw yesterday in youtube.  It’s about “2009” and believe me, Flineo nailed it, bigtime.

That video ought to be required watching by all the candidates, in my opinion.

I feel like saving it though, right now.  That’s one hell of a strong film, by an incredible filmmaker.

Most Democrats  are pretty worried about WWIII.  We don’t want that.  We want Peace, and the President to bring us that is the most important choice in this election.