Day: February 11, 2008

A few notes on Democrats and Humanism…

I’ve been thinking about the FSA projects during the Great Depression in America. Some of my favorite photographers documented the Dust Bowl and the poverty of the time. Here is a wikipedia link to that:

Here is the link to

Eleanor Roosevelt

and the wikipedia address:

The press has been accusing Hillary of being a “Socialist” but I’d have to say that any Second-Wave feminist is a “Humanist” first and foremost.

We need to address issues on our homefront that aren’t much different from the days of FDR’s “New Deal.”

She already has a plan to create jobs in Green Industry. When I look at this webpage by Tbearly

I feel some hope. Just like in the era of the FSA, documenting what is going on in the country can help to enlighten the whole populace. The problem of homelessness didn’t really exist before the 80’s and the era of “Reaganomics.”

It occurs to me that an entire generation of 20-somethings has grown up with this as if it is the norm. But it isn’t, and wasn’t. Many years ago, there were men who road  rode the rails (railroad trains). The old name for them was “tramps” — because they liked the freedom of the roads and rails and they liked to “tramp” around and live a vagabond life. It’s not like that now. People are not choosing to be tramps on purpose. (In the old days, people might leave a sandwich out, or a pie on their kitchen windowsill for one of these “tramps” so they had a little something to eat.  In the 30’s people had more sense of community with each other.)

I am not just speaking about homeless veterans either, but an emerging middle class that is being forced to the streets because of layoffs. How is it in our country that this has happened? The word socialist should be reframed for 2008 into Humanist.

Common Dreams has an article by Frederick Edwards that will explain it. You can read that here:

We have to care about each other human-to-human, first.

I believe that Hillary Clinton can solve the problems we face in the country right now. I want to think of her as Eleanor redux, for our times. We need a Democrat at the helm who has solutions, not just plans.

Hillary Clinton’s focus on strengthening our educational programs is very important. Unless there is funding for the arts and humanities you aren’t going to grow “Humanists.”

For that you need an education in the Liberal Arts. Perhaps this is why so many are always bashing liberals. Is this because they cannot understand the principles of Humanism?

Riverdaughter has a great post up about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that is a must read.

It isn’t being a socialist to care for other human beings, it is being a humanist.

This is how one lives an ethical life.