HEART OF CLOUDS is going into SMASHWORDS! #Ecopsychology #book #children #YA #healplanet #plastic #ocean

Do you have any idea how much work I have put into trying to promote it?  I wrote it in 2009 to be a film!

Nobody in America is going to give a shit about a film like this.  But over in England they will.  So I just took a really big chance on the actor Jeremy Irons.  I sent him my links in FACEBOOK.  Including all my dumb little youtube films I made about it.  Do you know what it’s like to be an American without a voice?  An American with a GRADUATE DEGREE?


Where is the HOPE?

My  hope is this book, and with the right BRANDING it’ll be a go.  I feel that.  There haven’t been any fucking heart-centered films coming out of Hollywood in how long?

I sent it to a literary agent at the writer’s conference I go to.  He said it was too sweet and lovely for this marketplace.  Oh well.

You are looking at my graduate degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute in this book I wrote.

My degree mattered to me once.

Thank god for guys like Mark Coker.

You can read it in Scribd.com and Wattpad but?  I’m putting it in SMASHWORDS.  I was hoping if I wrote Literary Erotica I could make the money to produce the film myself.

Everybody in America is a whore under the fascist system, right?

In Britain it’s not like that.  For one thing, they are smarter — especially on FILM.


Adrienne D. Wilson

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